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2020 Business Vision Workshop

Create Your Clear & Compelling Business Vision for the Next 12 Months.


You're either creating from your FUTURE or you're RE-CREATING the PAST.

When you ask entrepreneurs what they want, most of them say things like:

  • I want a business I love...

  • I want to make more impact...

  • I want to make more money...

  • I don't want to be exhausted and overwhelmed...

  • I want a business that thrives without me there 100% of the time...


Most of them speak in generalities.


Most  people base what's possible from PAST results instead of from what they REALLY want to create.


To make your business dreams come true, you MUST have a clear, specific and compelling picture of EXACTLY where you want to go.



Create your Business Vision with the 2020 Business Vision Workshop.

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You can binge watch them in one INCREDIBLY productive session!


Grab your journal, your favorite tea or juice and get ready to make your next 12 months in business - your MOST profitable and impactful.

Here's what you'll get done in the 2020 Workshop:


Lesson 1


Honor and Release

You'll celebrate and evaluate the last 12 months in your business. We often don't give ourselves enough credit.

You'll also look at the failures from the last year in order to take the gifts and learnings.

There are incredible gifts when you slow down to celebrate your wins and learn from the failures.


Lesson 2


Your Human Brain

As humans, our primitive "toddler" brain evolved over thousands and thousands of years to keep us safe. This is a HUGE problem in our modern world because this part of your brain wants to keep you safe at all costs.

This means that anything out of your comfort zone is perceived by this part of your brain as a threat. 


Your primitive human brain is HELL-BENT on keeping you from setting or achieving goals.

Luckily, we have a prefrontal cortex, the much "newer" part of our brain.


This is the visionary part of you that wants to grow and evolve.



When you learn EXACTLY how and why these two battling parts of your brain are totally NORMAL, setting and achieving goals become SO much easier.



Lesson 3


The Heartwork Journaling Model

You'll learn a quick & simple journaling practice to become aware of how you sabotage your dreams and goals so you finally stay on track.

Journaling creates an ESSENTIAL skillset - a key muscle in the brain - you need to exercise in order to truly grow your business.

When you journal intentionally, you are creating visual memories while creating a clear vision.

Journaling allows you to pre-experience what you're creating with your current thoughts, feelings and actions.

It gives you a clear and specific roadmap at the cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels.




In addition to learning the 5 Heartwork Journaling Model components, you'll also get real life examples from my business coaching clients so you clearly know how to use this powerful tool.

You can use this simple journaling tool to make decisions, create motivation and inspiration, see how and where fear is holding you back and eliminate self doubt.

Most of all, you will CLEARLY see how you create the results you do NOT want and also the results you DO want.

coaching clients

Lesson 4


Goal Setting & Vision Creation

We have BACKWARD recall which is MEMORY.

We have FORWARD recall which is VISION.

VISION is vital because if your memory is stronger than your vision, you're always going to be stuck in your past, recreating it over and over instead of moving to your future.

You'll create your specific goals and your clear and compelling Vision for the next 12 months.

In the Workshop, you'll get a template for each.

Goal Setting and Vision Creation are DIFFERENT but equally helpful to get you exactly where you want to go. 


Lesson 5


Create Emotional Fuel on Purpose

Your emotions are fuel. They drive ALL of your actions (or lack of actions!)

The emotions that fuel your actions MATTER. A lot.

You'll learn how to eliminate burnout, confusion and overwhelm by becoming ultra aware of your feelings.

Plus, identify and consciously cultivate the surprising emotions that will help you achieve your goals.

emotional fuel

Lesson 6

money math

Money is a Relationship

Money is math.

We humans add the drama.

Many times, we stop our own growth because there is SO much emotional charge around money and what we make it mean.

Becoming aware of your current thoughts about money is key so you can shift them.

You'll redefine your relationship with money so that you build your business from a place of sufficiency and self-confidence.


Lesson 7


Understanding & Taming Sabotaging Emotions

Many times, we aren't aware of the COST of emotions we believe (or have been taught to believe) are necessary.

Growing a business brings up ALL of your fears, worry, anxiety and confusion. Nothing has gone wrong!

Uncomfortable emotions are not a reason to stop, they are a normal part of entrepreneurship.

These common sabotaging emotions are sometimes unconscious habits OR can be used as convenient distractions.

You'll identify YOUR common sabotaging emotions in order to get out of your own way and reach your business potential.


Lesson 8


Turn Obstacles into Strategies

Part of growing a business is cultivating the necessary courage, perseverance and resilience to stay focused and keep going when it gets hard. 

You'll learn exactly how to turn your obstacles into strategies in order to get MORE DONE.

Growing a business is the deepest personal development work you will EVER do because it brings up ALL your fears.

It's truly a Hero's Journey where you are the hero.

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BONUS Heartwork Journaling Creativity Lessons

These simple yet powerful creativity lessons help you embed your goals and dreams.


Plus you can put them on your Vision Board, by your desk or in your planner for extra daily inspiration and laser-focus!


Permission Slips Creativity Lesson


Time for some real talk.

Entrepreneurship can be scary.

Entrepreneurship REQUIRES you to take risks.

This lesson will empower you to overcome your fear so that you can take action with the self-confidence necessary to succeed BEFORE you even begin.

video lesson 3

Perfect Average Day Creativity Lesson


In this fun and creative lesson, you'll define your dreams in detail with journal prompts to help you get crystal clear.

You'll create a visual representation of your Perfect Average Day in the future, so that with every single decision you make on your entrepreneurial journey you'll always be moving towards the destination you've chosen.


Email & Social Goals Creativity Lesson


Growing a list of happy, engaged subscribers and a social media community is important to continue growing your business.

This email list and social media presence goal setting lesson will ensure you don't forget about this important asset to grow.

Many times I'll get a new client who has been in business for YEARS, yet only has a few email subscribers they're not even helping or communicating with. 

Don't let that be you!

video lesson 5

Money Math Creativity Lesson


In this lesson, you'll take the time to set specific, measurable money goals that you won't forget about within a few months.

After that, you'll chunk your money goals down so they feel do-able, attainable as you go for the BIG 12 month money results.

And it's fun to use your numbers to create a simple creative piece as a visual representation and reminder of your goals.

video lesson 4

Success Rituals Creativity Lesson

video lesson1

In this lesson you'll discover the most powerful personal success rituals so that you build a strong foundation to grow personally and professionally each and every day.

You'll create simple creative pieces to put on a Vision Board or in your office as a fun and focused reminder!


Baby Pics Creativity Lessons

video lesson 6

One of the first things I help my coaching clients with is REDUCING and ELIMINATING their critical self-talk.

This simple yet powerful creativity lesson will help you practice self-compassion and self kindness so that you can easily create the positive changes you want, have more resiliency and take more risks along your path to the success you envision.

What people are saying...


"First 6 figure year and beyond"

WOW. I am stunned. Happy Dance! I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal. Wow. Wow. Wow! Thank you Maritza, you changed my life. It all began with this Workshop.

Sandy Rakowitz


Join me for the 2020 Business Vision Workshop:

  • Redefine the past as lessons and preparation for the future you'll create during this event...

  • Use money, numbers & data to inspire yourself to grow - INSTEAD OF close down...

  • See how even SMALL future focused shifts can create HUGE returns in your business...

  • Stop defining yourself by the past, start powerfully redefining yourself from the future...

  • Discover how to cultivate clear vision (& stay focused) through simple journaling...

  • Nurture the most valuable (and underutilized) asset you have in your business- YOU!


What people are saying...


"Clarity on my financial goals!"

I am going through the lessons now and really helping me get clear on my financial goals. It's EXACTLY what I needed. So grateful!!! Maritza, I am SO happy I took your Workshop.

Christine Rose Elle



"400% Email list growth"

My email list has grown over 400% thanks to Maritza's teachings, techniques and information. Maritza has made an impact not only on my business but on my life.

Michelle Talbert



"As addictive as chocolate!"

Every lesson is like a VIP day with Maritza. I'm in awe of how she packs so much value into each lesson. It's like chocolate.

Faydra Koenig


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You will LOVE the 2020 Business Vision Workshop.

I am SO sure you will gain more self-confidence, more courage, more commitment, a clear VISION to your goals, your self and the potential clients you will help, that you have a full 30 day guarantee.

If you determine that it just wasn't for you, let me know before the 30 days refund period is over and I will refund your money.

My commitment is that every single person who receives this information feels it was worth at LEAST twice your investment in the Workshop.


I can't wait to see you in the Workshop!


P.S. If you have any questions, please email them to me at support@maritzaparra.com - One of my team members or I will be back to you asap!



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