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A Before & After Session is like a mental, emotional and behavioral History & Physical that shows you EXACTLY what's getting in the way of the results you want to create.

From there, IF I have a product or space in a program that can help you further, then I share that resource with you during the call. Apply below now.

What people are saying about working with Maritza...

"I've made more money this month than I did last year. Thank you for all your support." ~ Rebecca Wolf

"In the first 7 weeks of working together, I wrote the manuscript of a book idea I had 18 years ago. I always wanted to be a writer. Now I am one." ~  Jessica Miller-Nims

"You helped me change my thinking about money. I've made $15,000 in the last 3 weeks in my coaching business.

I was not a doodler - Doodles help me get to my feelings better and capture a clear sense of the future I want." ~  Dr Lil Surprenant

"You helped me get clear on my financial goals. This is exactly what I needed Maritza." ~ Christine Rose Elle

"Maritza, your work has changed my way of life, my way of thinking, feeling and receiving. Thank you. " ~ Alondra, Multi-platinum & Grammy nominated recording artist

"I made $9600 from the first round of my new offering. My conversion rate is 72%! You are a very wonderful teacher Maritza" ~ Kathy L. White

"Maritza, you have helped me more than you know. I now have a clear understanding of where I am and where I want to go. You helped me literally paint a picture of what matters to me and develop a plan to accomplish those things." ~ Ghislaine Walton

"Maritza, you have helped me overcome years of worry about what people might think and in effect, delayed my dreams. You helped me heal." ~ Tracy Hall,

"If I hadn't heard you speak that day then I probably wouldn't be on this journey. You have a gift. You say things and give examples so simply that makes it stick for me." ~ Elizabeth Credo


Kim Beasley

“I'm excited because I just ran an accounting report regarding my monthly recurring income and it totals almost $30K. 

That's not including the sales to Steelcase which was $50K for one and $25K for the second one. This brings me to $105K for this month.

I send you a standing ovation Maritza because you have done something no other coach has done for me. You have gotten me to setup a system for a product that I can sell. You have helped me to push out the baby and deliver a product that I’m proud of. #HappyDance!”

“Just closed $7,500 in sales when I got brave enough to use what you taught me. Thank you so much Maritza - could not have done this without your guidance! Yippee - I CAN do this!”

After graduating from my coaching program:

“Thank you for the path you put me on Maritza. I’ve closed over $100,000 in sales in the last months. And I met an amazing man!”


Jenny W Clark


Sandy Rakowitz

“After working with Maritza, I had my first 6 figure year ever. My income has consistently been over 6 figures each year since then in the healing arts.

I now have calm and powerful conversations asking for money for the value I provide.

I moved to San Luis Obispo, California fulfilling a 25 year dream. 

I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal.

Maritza you changed my life.”

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