Creative People – Beware of the Creativity Trap

Maritza and I work with a lot of incredibly creative people everyday in our business. All of them without exception have fallen into what is known as the “Creativity Trap” at one time or another. We’ve fallen into this trap more than a few times too. The end result is always a lot of frustration…

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Podcast Movement 2015 #PM15 Takeaways, Surprises and Learnings!

In this episode, Joe & I chat about our biggest takeaways from the Podcast Movement 2015 conference from earlier this month.

It was an incredible conference, particularly from Joe’s perspective because of his recent transition from a corporate 9-5 job into full time entrepreneurship. He had a great job that did a lot of good in the world (a medical equipment supplier and a bone back). However, he wasn’t the captain of his ship. We set some financial goals to achieve on certain projects together. When we achieved those goals earlier than we planned, he made the jump and left his corporate job.

Podcast Movement was the PERFECT place for him to get inspired by poeple doing what they LOVE and even more importantly, turning that into businesses making positive change in the world.

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4 Steps to Launch Your Online Course

how to launch your online course

Ecourses, online course, online education has been going on almost since the beginning of the internet. Now, it seems like there are ecourses on every subject under the sun.

Why? Because people love the convenience and immediacy of online learning!

A couple of years ago, I took Oprah’s first course with Brene Brown called “The Gift of Imperfection” It was a low cost course, with great production value and an overall huge success. I just got an email from then asking about what other ecourses (they’re calling them “OCourses”) I might be interested in.

Why are they doing this? Because online courses sell.

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