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Dear Heartworker,


Class is in session and it wouldn't be complete without YOU.

Life is all about emotions.

How you feel determines what you do.

What you do determines your results or lack of results.

Here's the Problem.

We are taught that circumstances are responsible for our emotions and our results.

This leaves us either:

1. Trying to control the Universe.


2. Isolating because trying to control everything is impossible.

avoid emotion

It's exhausting and it doesn't work.

When you learn how to coach yourself to the emotions and the results you want, you regain your power.

Learn how to coach yourself
THROUGH anything or TO anything.


6 Tools for SERIOUS Personal Growth.

1. Pen

The only thing keeping you from what you want is your thoughts.

With Heartwork Journaling, your pen becomes your thought finder.


Using the tools of the University, you'll discover that you aren't broken and never were.


You'll understand that you don't have heavy success blocks.

The only things in the way are simple, unhelpful, unexamined thoughts.


2. Paper


With Heartwork Journaling, your blank page is a mirror.

It's a truth teller.


You will rediscover yourself on your blank page.


You will remember who you are. Who you have always been.

A precious human who is worthy and enough right now, EXACTLY as you are.


3. Your BRAIN

Bring your doubts,

Your recurring, unexamined thoughts,

Your dreams,

Your fears and limiting beliefs,

Your ideas,

Your brain is your greatest untapped resource.

Bring everything in your AMAZING brain.


4. Your HEART


Bring your bruises,

Your hopes,

Your joys,

Your hurts.


Bring all the emotions you've been trying so hard not to feel.

Bring everything in your BEAUTIFUL and tender heart.


5. The Equation of Emotion

This simple 5 step journaling tool brings insight and awareness to exactly how your thoughts, emotions and actions work together to create your results.


You will learn the SKILL of how to coach yourself with this simple yet extremely powerful tool.


6. Your Emotional Global Positioning System


This system shows you where you are in any moment, on the range of human emotion.


You'll learn how to use this tool to find the emotional fuel to create more of the results you want.


Struggling against your EGPS is why pretending to be happy & "positive" does NOT work, actually makes you feel worse & creates more of what you do NOT want!



Enroll in Heartwork Journaling University to rediscover yourself.

We take growth through creativity and play very seriously.


Your Heartwork Journal is a mirror to clearly see how your thoughts, feelings and actions are working to create your results.


With the Equation of Emotions and mastering your EGPS, you can stop creating unwanted results and create more of the results you REALLY want.


Doodles bring extraordinary self-compassion to counteract the natural human tendency to self-judgment.

Artistic play brings efficiency to personal growth work.


It takes 400 repetitions to create a new neural pathway in your brain.

Unless you use creativity & play in which case, it takes just 10-20 repetitions!


SERIOUS Personal Growth Through Creativity & Play


What people are saying about Heartwork Journaling.


Now open for Enrollment until Tuesday, May 18th.

HJU Curriculum.

CORE CURRICULUM How to Use the Heartwork Journaling Tools to Coach Yourself.

You will learn the Heartwork Journaling tools in depth:

How to Use the Equation of Emotion to coach yourself.

How to Use Your Emotional Global Positioning System.


Monthly Curriculum.

Each month there are 3 brand new lessons.


Week 1 LIVE Coaching Call

Topic Lesson & Guided Self Coaching Q & A

The first week of each month we'll do a deep dive on using these tools on the topic of the month.

This training will ensure you master using these tools to coach yourself to the results you want.


You'll submit questions to receive guided coaching live.

You'll learn from other people's questions how to use these tools on REAL-LIFE specific goals, obstacles and challenges.


Week 2 Heartwork Journaling Lesson

Doodles, Color, Powerful Healing Creativity 

The second week of each month, you'll get a brand new, simple creativity Heartwork Journaling lesson.

These lessons bring extraordinary self compassion, kindness and color to deep inner work. 


Heartwork Journaling lessons are designed to help you see your thoughts, emotions and how they create your results.

From there, I help you use the tools to coach yourself to more of the results you do want.


Week 3 Lesson

Mindful Emotions Cards Lesson 

The third week of each month, you'll follow along to create 2 cards about 2 emotions.

One of the chosen emotions for these cards feels good. The other feels bad.

We'll paint the cards on one side. On the reverse side, you'll gain awareness and understanding to how this emotion shows up for you, how it can get in the way of the results you want and how to process each emotion in a healthy manner.


Week 4 No Call

No Call to Catch up and  Practice the Tools.

A week off each month gives you important White Space.

It's important to me to NOT give so much that you don't have time to practice your self coaching.


During week 4 of each month, catch up on anything you missed from the previous lessons, practice your self coaching or enjoy more soul soothing creativity in the Study Vault.


Monthly Curriculum FOCUS.


Story vs. Fact


How to Believe New Things.


The Power of Emotions


How to Get Things Done (With self-compassion vs. beating yourself up)

Future Months TBD

Member surveys help me create each month's curriculum directed by you.

Bonuses from the Heart


The Study Vault

Think of this as Netflix (or a gym) for your Brain and Heart.

heart doodles

When you're ready to explore specific topics like:

  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Your relationship with money
  • Overcoming fears
  • Changing the story of you
  • Connection with others (and yourself)
  • How to get things done
  • Entrepreneurship (like the Business Vision Workshop & Magic Funnels courses)

OR explore more creativity classes like:

  • Drawing faces
  • Painting women's faces
  • Painting journal page backgrounds with different techniques

It's all waiting for you in the Vault!

Just like you wouldn't try to watch all the movies on Netflix at once...

Come to the Vault and ask yourself:

"How do I want to be inspired to grow and heal today?"

Optional BONUS

Courage Card Pull Live for HJU members only

(Every Other Month)

The first Sunday of every other month beginning in June 2021, I'll do a private live event for HJU students to pull Courage Cards.

Courage Cards are designed to give you courage for whatever life brings.

I'll pull a collective card and then pull cards for those who have requested them from the deck until the cards have all been pulled.

courage cards deck

As one Courage Card recipient said "These cards read souls."

In addition to Courage Cards, you'll do a simple yet powerful Doodle Lesson at the end of these every other month events.

Optional BONUS

Paint with Me Live

(Every Other Month)


Every other month, paint with me in a live creativity lesson starting July 2021.

Sometimes these lessons will be super simple, other times they will help you stretch your creative muscles.

These will be calming, soulful sessions where you get to meet yourself on your page, along with me.

Note that these Paint with Me sessions are live and once every 2 months. 

Silver Member BONUS

Decorate Your Mindful Emotions Card Box

(Or Create Your Boxed  Set)

When you become a Silver member by being enrolled at HJU for a year, we'll celebrate by creating your own card deck box!


You can choose to paint and decorate a small Amazon box, a tin or paper mache box.


Or you can choose to send your designs to create your own full color Boxed Set of cards. I'll show you exactly how and where to do that.


If you're a coach, therapist or entrepreneur, you can sell your Boxed Set of cards or give away your Boxed Set as gifts to your best clients. (Like your own version of Courage Cards.)


Yearly Member HJU Supply Kit

HJU Supply Kit

When you enroll in Heartwork Journaling University as an ANNUAL member, you get a box of HJU textbooks and goodies mailed to your door to start your HJU journey!


What's in the Kit?

HJU Journal, Power of Emotions journal, HJU Coloring Book, zipper supply pouch with doodling pen, doodling pencil, waterbrush, sticker and rainbow gel pen.

Mini poster of the Emotional Global Positioning System, EGPS cutouts, Equation postcard and Heartworker's Philosophy mini poster.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTE: The HJU Supply Kit is ONLY available to members in the US. International shipping costs for the Kit are prohibitive. Additionally, when we're tried to ship internationally, many times the Kits never arrive!

The FIRST 94 annual members also receive

viviva colorsheet watercolor set
classic viviva colorsheet watercolor swatches

A set of Viviva Colorsheets in your HJU Supply Kit.

  • Viviva Coloursheets with vibrant colors in a unique portal pad
  • Dry watercolor pigments in 16 transparent colors
  • Pick up color with any wet brush to use
  • 100% eco-friendly and easy to use
  • Handmade in India by local women in the community

Colorsheet supplies are limited.  We will run out of this bonus.

Heartwork Journaling is SACRED COMMUNICATION between YOU and you.

The connection you'll create here is connection between YOU - the potential, empowered, inner being, higher self YOU and the you who is fully human.

You will learn how to show up for yourself.

You will learn how to be kind to yourself, as you create the results you want.

You will learn from the guided coaching on the Week 1 Monthly calls.

These are beautiful opportunities to deeply understand that we all share the same HUMAN primitive brain that wants you to stay small, hidden and in the cave.


I'll be your guide every step of the way.

Here's what people are saying about Maritza's programs:


"400% Email List Growth!"

My email list grown over 400% thanks to Maritza's teachings, techniques and information. Maritza has made an impact not only to my business but on my life.


Michelle Talbert



"More confidence and courage!"

Thank you for the path you put me on last year. I've closed over $100,000 in sales in the last few months. I've also met an amazing man!


Jenny Clark



"Clarity on my financial goals!"

I am going through the lessons now and really helping me get clear on my financial goals. It's EXACTLY what I needed Maritza! So grateful!! Maritza, I am SO happy I took your workshop.


Christine Rose Elle



"As addictive as chocolate!"

Every lesson is a like a VIP day with Maritza. I'm in awe of how she packs so much value into each one. It's like chocolate!


Faydra Koenig


One last thing I need to mention...


Tuition for this enrollment period is the ABSOLUTE LOWEST it will ever be again.


As the University grows and the Heartwork Journaling tools get more powerful, tuition will increase.

Select your tuition option to enroll.


Enroll now to Study Yourself and Unlearn Old Programming.



Heartwork Journaling University is an online membership for people who want to get more of the results you REALLY want. Our mission is to help people all over the world rediscover their power through simple, accessible tools.

A pen, paper, your, brain and heart plus the Equation of Emotion and your Emotional Global Positioning System helps you gain insight and awareness into how you create the results you want and the results you don't want. From there, anything is possible.

The University is open for enrollment until Tuesday, May 18th 2021.

After enrolling, you'll get an invitation to the HJU Welcome and Celebration event on Wednesday, May 26th at 7pm CT. During the event, you'll receive your login to the online campus.

Heartwork Journaling University is an online educational membership. The live week 1 classes happen via private Zoom webinars. The live Courage Card pulls and every other month Paint with Me sessions happen via private Zoom webinars.

The rest of the curriculum is released via video, audio and PDF inside the private member's area for you to consume on demand at your convenience.

What members love about this is they can go as quickly or as slowly through the lessons at they want.

There is a private password protected Member's Area where you can login to access any of the call replays or worksheets  any time - day or night.

Members signing up now get access to the Member's Area on Wednesday, May 26th. Once you enroll, you'll get all the information for that call. If you cannot attend live, you will receive the replay shortly after the live event.

We will be Doodling your intentions for HJU on the call!.

If you sign up for the monthly option, you’ll have access to the live calls, replays and materials for 30 days. As you continue each month, you'll continue to have access to the live calls, replays and materials for as long as you continue to be enrolled in the University.

If you decide to cancel membership, think of it like a gym membership, your utility company or Netflix, once you cancel you no longer have access to the member portal, live calls or replays. HJU has brand new incredible content monthly so when someone cancels access to the curriculum ends.

If you sign up for the yearly option and remain a member in good standing, you'll have access to the live calls, replays and materials for 365 days of exciting learning, growth, and new, deeper self connection ahead!

This curriculum is perfect for beginners at creativity. It's not about your artwork, it's about your HEART work. If you only use a pen, paper, your brain and heart plus the Equation of Emotion and the EGPS tool, you'll still get the incredible benefits of Heartwork Journaling.

If you don't want to purchase art supplies, you can use exactly what you have in your home office or in your children's art stash right now.

In the University, you’ll get a Supply Guide that will help you find things you already have in your home to use. IF you want to get additional art supplies, you'll have a list of our favorites.

If you don't want to purchase a lot of watercolor paper or paints, be it because of cost or other concerns you can also do all of the lessons with low cost apps for your smartphone or tablet. After you register, you'll receive a list of our favorite apps with your supply list.

This is exactly why there are only 3 lessons per month in the University, plus one week off for catching up or going deeper with your self-coaching. I want this to be easy to fit into your life so that you actually do fit it into your life. That's when it can transform your life.


Think of this like Netflix for your brain and heart. You don't login to Netflix and think "Omigosh how am I ever going to get through all of this!" and give up before you even begin. You login and go to what interests you and you focus there to get the benefit and transformation from those lessons.

Annual members receive 2 months free so it is the best value.

Annual members also receive the Heartwork Journaling supply kit, chock full of 3 textbooks and fun goodies that you don’t want to miss!

INTERNATIONAL NOTE: Supply kits are ONLY mailed out to members inside of the United States. International shipping makes the cost prohibitive for us. To do this we would have to raise the investment significantly. When we tried this in the past, sometimes packages never arrived. 

No, the work you'll do at HEartwork Journaling University is for your personal work only. 
There is a huge demand for certification. Certification begins in September 2021.
Heartwork Journaling certification will focus on how to hold space to teach, give access to use full lesson plans, plus train you on how to fill, price and market your own Heartwork Journaling groups and programs. 
To become a certified Heartwork Journaling teacher you must have gone through (or be concurrently going through the University) because anyone certified to teach Heartwork Journaling to others must know how to use the Equation of Emotion and EGPS in their self coaching practice.

Your membership will be automatically renewed every 30 days for monthly memberships, and yearly for annual memberships. You may cancel automatic renewal at any time.

Annual members have a 7-day money-back refund guarantee. If you've signed up for a year and see  Heartwork Journaling University is not a good fit, send an e-mail to support@maritzaparra.com requesting a refund within 7 days of the date of access to the member's area. (Members signing up now get access during the Welcome Celebration & Orientation on Wednesday, May 26th.

We will process the refund to your original form of payment, but your bank or credit card processing time may vary. Monthly memberships are non-refundable.

Monthly membership and Annual memberships are non-transferable. If you feel overwhelmed, bring that to one of the live week 1 calls. .

Just your brain, your heart, your hopes, your dreams, your goals, a pen and a paper.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, send an email to mari@maritzaparra.com and ask away!

Official Poem of Heartwork Journaling University

You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust.

You were born with ideals and dreams.

You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings.

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings.

Learn to use them and fly.



Heartwork Journaling University is dedicating to helping you RE-EMPOWER yourself.

I can't wait to get started.


I'll see you inside.


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