I help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money - FOREVER.

Get the Healthy Money Relationship Journal Prompts.


I help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money - FOREVER.

Get the Healthy Money Relationship Journal Prompts

You're a smart woman.

You believe in the contribution of your work.


Your work is your offering to the world.

You know your work helps people and you've made money.

You also know you are earning below your potential.

Money is simply a tool.

Money is neither good nor bad.

It simply allows you to be more of who you already are.


If you are kind and loving, money allows you to be more kind and loving.

If you are greedy and selfish, money allows you to be more greedy and selfish.

Social conditioning programs us for scarcity.

Mainstream cultural conditioning determines the vast majority of people’s relationship with money.


Especially for women.


Conditioning has led to women’s relationships with money being characterized by:

  • inequality
  • overwhelm
  • shame
  • guilt
  • judgement
  • disdain
  • confusion
  • discomfort


The result is a dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship with money.


The result is the vast majority of women earn much less than what they could be making.


Stop waiting for someone else to determine your value.

Your relationship with money is simply your thoughts about money.

Let me be clear...


You do not have money blocks.


You do not need the perfect crystal, subliminal audio, affirmation or mantra to magically create money.

This is NOT manifestation or Law of Attraction B.S.

You simply have unhelpful, unconscious, ungoverned habits of thought about money.


You create money with your mind.


You get clear on what exactly is IN your mind through a simple process of self-awareness called Heartwork Journaling.



This work is a powerful combination of psychology based techniques PLUS the art & science of using your brain in innovative ways.


It helps you SEE what you're really thinking that is creating your current results.


From there, you can use it to change your thinking in order to consciously create the results you DO want.


It leads to rapid results that LAST.


In other words, a way to TRANSFORM your relationship with money - FOREVER.

Your brain isn't the problem.

It's the answer.

Nothing else.

External circumstances do not limit the amount of money you have created until now.


It’s not:

  • the economy
  • your past
  • the religion you grew up in
  • your education or lack of education
  • someone or something else’s fault (boss, partner, ex, parents, competition, mercury retrograde)


You may think those things are the problem.


I assure you they’re not.


Your current money results are 100% your thoughts about money.


That’s the best.news.ever.


When you uncover those unhelpful thoughts you can deliberately choose new, helpful thoughts that will create money.


On purpose.

It's time to transform your relationship with money.

It’s time to value your work more and get paid well.


It’s time to stop being confused about money.


It's time to eliminate embarrassment, shyness or slip into emotional childhood when asking for (or talking about) money.


It’s time to stop putting your head in the sand and being foggy about numbers.

I am a mind surgeon.

My tools to help you transform your money thoughts are:

  • Heartwork Journaling
  • pen
  • paper 
  • the effective coaching skills I’ve honed over the past 14 years

This work will transform your future.

Seeing my coaching clients transform in front of my eyes is incredibly rewarding.


It is a privilege.


I LOVE seeing them:

  • learn how to make an offer CONFIDENTLY instead of tiptoe around it...
  • become comfortable and masterful with sales...
  • realize that you make money with your mind...
  • eliminate the emotions of shame, embarrassment, disdain or judgement when talking about or asking for money...
  • stop making money and sales mean ANYTHING about your value as a human...
  • grow into true emotional adulthood around numbers and money...

To create money, you must change your relationship with money.

Not to become a bad, greedy or selfish person.


Doing this work will grow you into the next evolution of yourself.








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You are the hero.


I am the guide.


Let's Begin.


P.S. Pay special attention to The Money Paradox Journal Prompt when it arrives.


This insidious, UNCONSCIOUS decision stops most people from EVER realizing their money goals.


Once you're aware of it, EVERYTHING changes.



Healthy Money Relationship



Healthy Money Relationship