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Join the Academy & Discover How To...

  • Combine the best benefits of Goal Setting, Creativity and the Law of Attraction into liberating personal empowerment... 
  • Go beyond positive thinking and willpower and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your most valuable asset - YOU!
  • Break your dreams down into easily executable daily action steps that keep you focused, inspired and on your path to success...

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Nobody shows you how to Successfully Navigate Your Entrepreneurial Journey...

There isn’t a process to follow
from your dreams to your goals to a daily action plan
that incorporates nurturing and growing your most valuable asset - YOU...

Until Now!

dream plan grow academy

“The Dream-Plan-Grow Academy is a curriculum of
empowerment for women entrepreneurs.”

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In the Academy You’ll Get 26 Lessons to:


Lessons that clearly identify and 
define the biggest aspirations
you want to create in your business (and life). 


Lessons that create achievable goals and a clear plan to follow each and every day on your path to everything you desire.


Lessons that give you the Tools, Mindset and Strategies you need to grow as person and as a business owner.

What's in the Dream Plan Grow Academy?

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Dream Building Lessons
that define and expand your dreams...

Most entrepreneurs are so involved with the running their business that they don’t ever take the time to dream in detail about what they are striving to achieve.

We spend more time planning our vacations than our businesses and our lives. And if you don’t know exactly what target you're shooting at, you barely have any chance at all of hitting it.

In these Dream Building Lessons you’ll define in detail exactly what your short-term and long-term dreams are, so you’ll always be moving towards the destination you have chosen with achievable rewards to enjoy that inspire you and keep you moving forward.

creative growth lesson example

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Goal Setting & Planning Lessons

Replace traditional, boring goal setting with fun, new and creative goals setting lessons so you have a crystal clear plan to follow each day...

You’ll discover exactly what goals to set and how to set them so you feel empowered, focused and inspired - not overwhelmed, lost and frustrated.

Setting specific number goals enables you to plan effectively and accomplish your goals more easily. You’ll get the feedback you need to measure your progress and know when to make improvements or changes in your daily actions.

planning and goal setting

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"How many times have you had a burst of genius inspiration
and then you took no action on it?
The Dream-Plan-Grow Academy turns your dreams into action."

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Daily Planner System
to keep you on track
and laser-focused.

Most entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time, energy and effort responding to the day’s emergences only to find themselves in exactly the same place again the next day.

Without an action plan to follow that leads directly to the achievement of your short and long term goals and the dreams you desire, your days will be filled with overwhelm and frustration and the inevitable ride on the emotionally crippling income roller coaster.

We created the Dream-Plan-Grow Planner System to reduce your stress by keeping you focused and on track each day as you move forward from your goals to your BIG dreams.

planner setup video lesson


Consistent, focused action towards the achievement of your goals dramatically reduces your feelings of stress and overwhelm, leading you to the balanced life and the financially rewarding results you desire.

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"Dreaming without setting achievable goals and a daily action plan to follow to get you there is wishful thinking
that results in discouragement and disappointment."

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creative growth exercises


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Creative Growth Exercises that nurture & empower you.

To give you every advantage possible to make your dreams reality, these lessons focus on empowering your greatest asset - YOU!

You’ll define exactly who you want to become and set goals to lead you there step by step.

You’ll be empowered to take action without fear of the outcome and move forward with the confidence necessary to succeed before you even begin to take action.

And you’ll be empowered to show up every day as your “perfectly imperfect” self so that you can create the positive changes you want to make in your life and your business.

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Business Building Lessons to turn your dreams into reality.

Get access to proven, effective marketing lessons that expand your business and increase your profits...

Lessons include:

  • Customer Avatar Empathy Map - clearly identify your ideal customers wants & desires so you know exactly how to get them to take action...
  • Deeper Transformations - get crystal clear on the deepest level of transformation you provide your clients so you make your offers from an empowered place, with more confidence and have more success...
  • Craft Your Powerful Marketing Story - discover how to create powerful stories that resonate with your audience so you stand out from the crowd, rise above the noise and get more customers...
  • Plus much, much more!

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business building lessons
business lessons

"The Dream-Plan-Grow Academy
combines the best benefits of Goal Setting, Creativity and the Law of Attraction into liberating personal empowerment... "

Monthly Option

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2 New Lessons every month

Instant Access to Email List Building Resources 

30 Day You'll Love It Money Back Guarantee

$19 / month

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We think you'll love it, but if you change your mind...there are no contracts, and you are free to cancel at any time with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yearly Option

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2 New Lessons every month for 12 months

Instant Access to Email List Building Resources

Instant Access to Library of Marketing & Mindset Classes & Resources

Access to Exclusive One-on-One Coaching Opportunities

30 Day You'll Love It Money Back Guarantee


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Bonus Lessons

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Instant access to Email List Building resources.

You'll also get instant access to some of our best email list building courses and resources like...

  • 157 Email List Building Gift Ideas - the ultimate email list building gift swipe file.
  • Data Driven Research - step-by-step instructions to find out exactly what your ideal prospect wants, so you can create a list building gift offer that converts 100% of your ideal prospects into new subscribers.

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list building bonuses

"The Dream, Plan, Grow Academy turns Big Dreamers into Big Do-ers with goal setting, planning and creativity that becomes courage."

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Yearly Member Bonuses

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Library of Marketing and Mindset classes and resources.

year marketing and mindset bonus library

Registration is currently closed!

When you sign up for the yearly option, you'll get instant access to the Marketing and Mindset courses, including:

  • Reverse Engineer Your Sales Course: Step-by-step instructions on how to create a logical path to lead your new email subscribers right to your highest priced products and services.
  • Power of Story Course:
    Discover how to a marketing parable story to grab your prospects' attention and make more sales​ in a noisy marketplace.
  • Profitable List Building Course​:
    In depth course that walks you through building your profitable sales funnel fast.
  • Plus much, much more!
faydra koenig

"As addictive as chocolate!"

"Every lesson is like a VIP day with Maritza. I’m in awe of how she packs so much value into each one. It’s like chocolate...""

- Faydra Koenig
MaryJo Wagner

"Maritza's advice made me more money, more sales than ever before!"

“I joined Maritza's program and was really scared to put myself out there and market. I simply told myself 'Do exactly what Maritza says...' and that's what I did. When I followed exactly what she told me to do... I made more money, more sales than ever before!"

- Dr MaryJo Wagner
Oprah Winfrey

"Maritza gets it!"

"It’s so nice to talk with someone who really gets it." (during her interview with Maritza on Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series)

- Oprah Winfrey

"First six figure year and BEYOND..."

“WOW. I am stunned. Happy Dance. Need to Celebrate. I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal. Wow. Wow. Wow!

- Sandy Rakowitz
Brenni Larson

"The best heartfelt, ethical and over-deliver mentor."

"I applied what you said - had over 425 people optin and 5 immediate sales! Maritza, you are the best heartfelt, ethical, over-deliver teacher and mentor!"

- Brenni Larson
Teawna Pinard

"Strategies and mindsets that work."

​"Adding story and a great offer made the difference between no growth and making $8,000 in 30 minutes. Thank you, Maritza!"

- Teawna Pinard
carol and tom

"Helped us stop trading dollars for hours and enter a whole new world of profit."

"We've been trying to stop trading dollars for hours for decades... we're so grateful we found Maritza to guide us. We've entered into a whole new world much more effectively and profitably because of her wise counsel, which has been crucial to keep us going and not get distracted."

- Tom Mungavan & Carol Keers

Get more productive and have more fun
growing your business...

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Jenny results

"More courage and confidence making offers"

"Just closed $7500 in sales when I got brave enough to use what you taught me. Thank you so much Maritza - could not have done this without your guidance! Yippee - I CAN do this!"

- Jenny Clark
Lisa Copeland

"I cried tears of joy..."

"Maritza, I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me... I cried tears of joy because I don't have to make it all up. I now know what I'm doing daily and since I started, I got my first client for $1,200!"

- Lisa Copeland

If you don't say YES to your business dreams, goals and success NOW... When will you?

This is a great time to dream bigger and take more productive and inspired action in your business - especially at this incredibly affordable price

My 30 Day You'll Love It!
Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't think the Academy is at least triple the value you invested, if you don't LOVE it and feel more  focused, inspired and productive, let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

"I am SO sure you will love the Academy, you get my 30 Day You'll Love It! Guarantee."

Maritza Parra