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before and after

The Before is where you are right now.


I know that seems really obvious, but I guarantee that it isn't.


Self awareness is one of the least common traits we humans have.

We rarely - if EVER - take a hard look at our lives from the outside.

We get so busy in our lives, we rarely step back to get a clear view and work on our lives.


Life Coaching is about stepping back and taking a look at your life from the outside.

This process works best if you can pick something specific to focus on.


You could use this for:

  • Weight
  • Relationships
  • Growing your Business
  • Productivity
  • Money
  • Becoming a Life Coach
  • Stress / Anxiety
  • and more

Just pick one for now.


You can do this process for different things, and the more specific you can be each time, the better.

I'll use a recent example from a new coaching client.

She came to me and had started her business as a coach 6 months ago.

Define Your Before

Get out a piece of paper.




Get out a piece of paper.

Write down the answers to the following questions:

1. What are the facts of your current situation?

For the example we'll go through, this would include where you are in creating your business, facts that can affect it, how much you have made in a specific amount of time. 


We only include facts when we discuss circumstances. 


Make no judgements or opinions when answering this first question.

(You can follow along and do the same for relationships, career, weight, etc.)


2. What are your thoughts about your current situation?

Now is when you can brainstorm all of your current thinking about your situation.

  • What are your opinions and judgments?
  • What are you unhappy with?
  • What don’t you like?
  • Why don't you think you have the result you want yet?
  • What do you wish could change?


Tell the truth about what you're really thinking. 


Self awareness is EVERYTHING.


Without it, you don't have a REAL BEFORE from which to build.


3. How are you feeling in this current situation, with these current thoughts?

This is where you access how you feel.

Your feelings determine your level of satisfaction.

Your feelings are the fuel for your actions - or lack of actions.


Often we don’t pay enough attention to how we feel. That can result in just powering through something that we feel terrible about without even realizing it.


4. How do you act and behave in this current situation when you feel this way?

Now this is where it might get interesting.

You want to step back and take a look at how you are showing up fueled by these CURRENT feelings.


If it’s your weight – how are you eating?

If it’s your relationship – how do you act towards the other person?

If it's your productivity - how are you acting about honoring your calendar?

If it's your business – how do you show up?


5. What is the result of you acting and behaving this way?

For this question, be honest about how your behavior affects the situation.

Take as much responsibility as you can here to see what effect you are having in the situation.


And there you have your BEFORE.


Once you have answered these questions truthfully, you will have a clear before photo of your situation in your mind’s eye.


Please do not just go through the motions of reading this.


Actually write down ALL the five answers to the before questions.

The rest of this process will not be nearly as fun or effective if you don’t have your starting point.


Even if it’s a bit of a bummer to reveal the truth of where you are starting, the next step is very fun.


I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal. Wow. Wow. Wow! Thank you Maritza, you changed my life.

Sandy Rakowitz

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