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Why you should scrap Your New Year’s Resolutions (& What to do instead)

online-business-resolutions Every year, lots of people make grand NY resolutions. I’ve heard a few different stats about how many people actually keep their new year’s resolutions – from 2% – 8% – that’s pretty darn low!

Here’s why I think most people do not keep their resolutions:

  1. They bite off  more than they can chew! You don’t want to set a goal like “make 1 million dollars – if right now, you’re making $5000 / month – this isn’t to say that it’s not possible, I believe it is, YET if you set that type of giant goal without a specific plan and a big why – I believe you’re doomed from the start
  2. People don’t make a plan. Just saying “I want this” is not enough. You’ve got to plan. I love reverse engineering my plans which means to begin with the end in mind
  3. People don’t cultivate resiliency – the more you fail, the better as an entrepreneur – fail fast, then adjust, tweak and try again
  4. People aren’t specific enough – number, numbers, numbers are your friend! (Tweet this:) Set specific #goals with numbers. Just like you wouldn’t say “I want to lose weight”, you don’t want to set a goal like “I want to make more money” – you want to be super specific – that is the only way, you’ll know if you’re on track and if not, you can adjust accordingly.

Here are my favorite things to do to start new goals – and this can be for new year’s or actually at any time of year – every single moment, every single second is the perfect time to make a new decision, make a new plan and take massive action on that plan.

  1. Think about the 4 big areas of your life and how they looked in the last 12 months. What was great, what could use improvement?
  2. Now, write out what you want to create for the next 12 months – with specifics and WHY exactly you want those things. Your why is important and is what will keep you moving, even when things seem slow or like they’re moving backwards. Last year, I wrote out what type of relationship I wanted in my life. What kind of man I wanted to share my life with. I believe that because I knew from experience what I did NOT want, I was able to be crystal clear on what I did want and I was creating my perfect relationship in advance and now I’m experiencing that in real life with my boyfriend Joe. It’s the same with my business, I set specific, measurable goals and when I saw there were some I wasn’t reaching, I was able to adjust and recalibrate so I was able to reach those specific goals, and actually surpass them!
  3. Think about (and write out) what could possibly get in the way of you achieving those goals? Then find ways to overcome those obstacles if and when they do pop up.
  4. Reverse engineer your goals. Break each up into small steps and set a timetable for achieving them.
  5. Last thing, when you are doing this exercise – go back and make sure that you are doing those things that will make you happy, make sure you are not living up to other people’s expectations of what your life should look like.

One thing you’ll want to let go of for the next 12 months is perfectionism. Start before you feel ready. Start when you feel the fear. Start now. And then enjoy the journey of creating your business and your life.

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  1. Dean Patino on January 7, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Thank you for the great tips Maritza! I always greatly appreciate the eye you have for approaching business which is why you’re such a big success. You’re generous with your spirit and wisdom! Happy New Year, time to put these to work in 2015! 🙂

    • Maritza Parra on January 8, 2015 at 10:43 am

      Thanks Dean and Happy New Year to you! So looking forward to being a guest on your podcast today!

  2. Dr. Karen Osburn on January 15, 2015 at 12:39 am

    Oh boy, I love to make goals. Sometimes, okay, most of the times (but getting better), I bite off more than I can chew. This episode is a great reminder for me to be specific with my goals, write then down, and the reverse engineer the steps to get there. Thank you, Maritza!

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