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Become a Divine Scientist in Your Life

experiment divine scientist

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Heck, being HUMAN is hard. No one gets out without failure, disappointment and heartache. I don’t care who you are. Over the years, I’ve learned from experiencing failures and successes, disappointments, joys, heartaches, from working with coaches, therapists, from having conversations, reading books and pondering and testing out ideas –…

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There’s No Way To Happiness…Happiness IS The Way

Sunset arms wide

Everyone wants to be happy. Most of us believe we must have certain things in order to be happy. Whether it’s more money, more freedom, a vacation somewhere or a more prosperous career, we believe the having of these things will make us more happy. My experience has shown me time and time again that…

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[Video] Freedom from the Opinion of Other People

creative exercise

What’s stopping you from really going big? Do you sometimes stop yourself from doing things because of what other people might say or think? Recently a private client was at our place in Texas working on her business. Her content is incredible and she’d make a great TED speaker. For some reason, she’s been dragged…

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