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[Video] Freedom from the Opinion of Other People

creative exercise

What’s stopping you from really going big? Do you sometimes stop yourself from doing things because of what other people might say or think? Recently a private client was at our place in Texas working on her business. Her content is incredible and she’d make a great TED speaker. For some reason, she’s been dragged…

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[Positive Focus] How to Ask the Right Questions in Your Inner Conversation

“What am I doing wrong?” “Why isn’t this working out as I’d planned?” “Why isn’t this happening fast enough?” Ever caught yourself having that negative inner conversation? As entrepreneurs, it’s so important to be aware of our inner conversation. Negative inner chatter will kill your dreams. Positive, productive inner chatter will make your dreams reality…

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Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire – Live from Podcast Movement 15 #PM15 Play in new window | Download In this episode, I took a really fun risk by doing a live interview at Podcast Movement 2015 while livestreaming it through the Periscope platform. When I found out that Buzzsprout would be sponsoring this live broadcasting booth, I jumped in and reserved a time. I knew immediately who…

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How to Believe in Miracles for Your Business

einstein miracle year

Ever felt like absolutely nothing is happening in your business? Like the effort you’re expending is not equal to the results you’re getting? I’ve experienced this over and over in all my businesses and it’s usually when most people stop.

Lately, I’ve been watching documentaries and reading about people who’ve done big things in different arenas, despite the odds. I’m using it to strengthen my mindset and keep focused on the big things I’m creating in my different businesses.

I love the story of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”.

It was 1905. He was becoming a big failure fast.

His father died believing his son wasn’t going to amount to much. He hadn’t been able to get his son Albert a job.

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