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[Positive Focus] How to Ask the Right Questions in Your Inner Conversation

“What am I doing wrong?” “Why isn’t this working out as I’d planned?” “Why isn’t this happening fast enough?” Ever caught yourself having that negative inner conversation? As entrepreneurs, it’s so important to be aware of our inner conversation. Negative inner chatter will kill your dreams. Positive, productive inner chatter will make your dreams reality…

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Podcast Movement 2015 #PM15 Takeaways, Surprises and Learnings!

In this episode, Joe & I chat about our biggest takeaways from the Podcast Movement 2015 conference from earlier this month.

It was an incredible conference, particularly from Joe’s perspective because of his recent transition from a corporate 9-5 job into full time entrepreneurship. He had a great job that did a lot of good in the world (a medical equipment supplier and a bone back). However, he wasn’t the captain of his ship. We set some financial goals to achieve on certain projects together. When we achieved those goals earlier than we planned, he made the jump and left his corporate job.

Podcast Movement was the PERFECT place for him to get inspired by poeple doing what they LOVE and even more importantly, turning that into businesses making positive change in the world.

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How to Start Early with Passionate Solopreneur Kamila Gornia

Kamila Gornia

In this episode, Kamlia Gornia from shares how she started her entrepreneurial journey at an early age.

At age 12, she started her entrepreneurial journey with comic books! She created a website herself and built it up to 40,000 visits per month with no paid traffic or social media (it didn’t exist yet).

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What’s Your Big Why?

Your WHY is so incredibly important for making anything real in your life and business.

Having a big why, or a Big Carrot, to motivate and inspire you, is essential for maintaining the courage and consistency it takes to start or grow your own business.

Having a Big Stick is essential to “scare you” into doing the things you sometimes don’t feel like doing.

How does this work?

Holding your big why carrot and your big stick in front of you where you can see and feel them on a daily basis helps you cultivate courage and consistency. When you have them as daily reminders, you’re more likely to get out of your comfort zone and get over your fear.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a big enough why.

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