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Become a Divine Scientist in Your Life

experiment divine scientist

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Heck, being HUMAN is hard. No one gets out without failure, disappointment and heartache. I don’t care who you are. Over the years, I’ve learned from experiencing failures and successes, disappointments, joys, heartaches, from working with coaches, therapists, from having conversations, reading books and pondering and testing out ideas –…

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2017 Heartwork Journal Flipthrough Video

heartwork journaling video flipthrough 2017

I CANNOT believe it’s almost 2018! I wanted to show you what one of my Heartwork Journals actually looks like on the inside. Failure is Fertilizer. After taping the video flipthrough, I realized that this is not one of my “prettiest” journals. And that is actually PERFECT and illustrates Heartwork Journaling Guideline #1 “Failure is…

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How to Believe in Miracles for Your Business

einstein miracle year

Ever felt like absolutely nothing is happening in your business? Like the effort you’re expending is not equal to the results you’re getting? I’ve experienced this over and over in all my businesses and it’s usually when most people stop.

Lately, I’ve been watching documentaries and reading about people who’ve done big things in different arenas, despite the odds. I’m using it to strengthen my mindset and keep focused on the big things I’m creating in my different businesses.

I love the story of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”.

It was 1905. He was becoming a big failure fast.

His father died believing his son wasn’t going to amount to much. He hadn’t been able to get his son Albert a job.

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Using the Law of Attraction Mantra “Ask, Believe, Receive” in Your Business

In this episode of the Easy Online Marketing podcast, I take one of the biggest sayings of Law of Attraction and apply it to starting and growing your business. I love remembering that the Law of Attraction can indeed be powerful in your life, and it’s got a little hidden word “ACTION”. You can’t just daydream and meditate on success. But, what happens when you feel like you’ve been working and striving and success still doesn’t seem to be coming?

THAT is the moment to remember these 3 steps that I’ll illustrate through the metaphor of growing your garden:

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