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How to Start Early with Passionate Solopreneur Kamila Gornia

Kamila Gornia

In this episode, Kamlia Gornia from shares how she started her entrepreneurial journey at an early age.

At age 12, she started her entrepreneurial journey with comic books! She created a website herself and built it up to 40,000 visits per month with no paid traffic or social media (it didn’t exist yet).

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How List Building Pays You in Your Business

In this episode, I want to share an unexpected product launch I did while launching the Easy Online Marketing podcast. It brought in an extra $4,845 for a few hours of my time.

I launched the podcast with 3 episodes and got such a great response that I decided, spur-of-the-moment style to do one of my 30 day challenges in conjunction with the launch. In fact, I didn’t tell my head VA Tracy that I was doing it, so I ended up doing some of the technical things myself late into the evening and early in the very wee hours of the morning.

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[Resource Post] Free Online Images to Use in Your Business

123 stock images

Storytelling is a powerful communication and marketing tool. Along with telling stories with words in your content and copywriting, another great way to tell a story instantly is through the power of images. It’s become more and more important for business owners to use photos and images that they are authorized to use. sometimes, that means royalty free photos and images and other times, you can use them by giving credit to the image creator.

Here’s a list of resources where you can find great stock images.

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Using the Law of Attraction Mantra “Ask, Believe, Receive” in Your Business

In this episode of the Easy Online Marketing podcast, I take one of the biggest sayings of Law of Attraction and apply it to starting and growing your business. I love remembering that the Law of Attraction can indeed be powerful in your life, and it’s got a little hidden word “ACTION”. You can’t just daydream and meditate on success. But, what happens when you feel like you’ve been working and striving and success still doesn’t seem to be coming?

THAT is the moment to remember these 3 steps that I’ll illustrate through the metaphor of growing your garden:

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