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Preparing to Create Your Business Vision Board for 2018

courage card wisdom

Getting ready to create my Vision Board specifically for Heartwork Journaling! Participants of the Business Vision Board Workshop will get to see me create it WHILE teaching some important ways to use your Business Vision Board on a consistent basis throughout they year. (Workshop alumni, you’ll get a link to join this week via email.)…

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Creative People – Beware of the Creativity Trap

Maritza and I work with a lot of incredibly creative people everyday in our business. All of them without exception have fallen into what is known as the “Creativity Trap” at one time or another. We’ve fallen into this trap more than a few times too. The end result is always a lot of frustration…

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Why Creativity is Great for your Business

why creativity is great for your business

What exactly is creativity? the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, why in the world would I recommend taking any of your valuable time to indulge in creativity? I believe that the dream to start a business is a creative endeavor.…

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[Video] Freedom from the Opinion of Other People

creative exercise

What’s stopping you from really going big? Do you sometimes stop yourself from doing things because of what other people might say or think? Recently a private client was at our place in Texas working on her business. Her content is incredible and she’d make a great TED speaker. For some reason, she’s been dragged…

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