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I help people identify and create the unrealistic results you don't yet believe are possible for you.

A Before & After Session is like a mental, emotional and behavioral History & Physical that shows you EXACTLY what's getting in the way of the results you want to create.

From there, IF I do have a product or program that can help you. then I share that resource with you during the call.

Here's who I'm not a good fit for:


1) We're not a good fit if you want a quick fix.

I don't do fads, gimmicks or tricks. I show you how to completely transform your life. That doesn't happen with a new fad, new book, new guru or instant magic pill.

I help you create lasting change from the inside out. You already have everything you need inside of you. Your human brain is the problem. The good news is it's also the answer.

On the Before & After, we get clear on the current thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are the patterns creating your current results.


2) We're not a good fit if you want me to sugar coat everything for you.

Changing how you see yourself and what's possible for your life IS work.

If it wasn't, EVERYONE would be creating the results they want in their life.

I will always show you the utmost love and compassion. I will never people-please and tell you what you want to hear when it doesn't serve you.


3) We're not a good fit if you want someone else to take responsibility for your results.

Staying in that mentality - looking for another book, course or person to make everything finally work - is exhausting, it doesn't work, it won't help you change and is completely dis-empowering.

My work is about helping people take 100% responsibility for your results (ability to respond) and you will learn how to feel more empowered than you ever have before.


4) We're not a good fit if you're OK with NOT getting your dream result.

The results you want to create don't have to be the only thing on your list.

But, if your dream result is the last thing on your list, I'm not the coach for you.

Working with a coach will also help you finally find the time to ACTUALLY make your dream result a priority, without overwork or exhaustion.

Not everyone who applies will get a Before & After, but if you don't apply, you for sure won't get one of these free calls. IF your application qualifies, you'll get a confirmation email within 24 hours.


Apply Below Now.

What people are saying...

"You helped me get clear on my financial goals. This is exactly what I needed Maritza." ~ Christine Rose Elle

"Maritza, your work has changed my way of life, my way of thinking, feeling and receiving. Thank you. " ~ Alondra, Multi-platinum & Grammy nominated recording artist

"If I hadn't heard you speak that day then I probably wouldn't be on this journey. You have a gift. You say things and give examples so simply that makes it stick for me." ~ Elizabeth Credo

"Maritza, you have helped me overcome years of worry about what people might think and in effect, delayed my dreams. You helped me heal this past year." ~ Tracy Hall


Kim Beasley

“I'm excited because I just ran an accounting report regarding my monthly recurring income and it totals almost $30K. 

That's not including the sales to Steelcase which was $50K for one and $25K for the second one. This brings me to $105K for this month.

I send you a standing ovation Maritza because you have done something no other coach has done for me. You have gotten me to setup a system for a product that I can sell. You have helped me to push out the baby and deliver a product that I’m proud of. #HappyDance!”

“Just closed $7,500 in sales when I got brave enough to use what you taught me. Thank you so much Maritza - could not have done this without your guidance! Yippee - I CAN do this!”

After graduating from my coaching program:

“Thank you for the path you put me on Maritza. I’ve closed over $100,000 in sales in the last months. And I met an amazing man!”


Jenny W Clark


Sandy Rakowitz

“After working with Maritza, I had my first 6 figure year ever. My income has consistently been over 6 figures each year since then in the healing arts.

I now have calm and powerful conversations asking for money for the value I provide.

I moved to San Luis Obispo, California fulfilling a 25 year dream. 

I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal.

Maritza you changed my life.”

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