art journaling

Equinox and the full moon – new courageous beginnings

Today is the equinox. The equinox represents half light and half dark (daylight and night) 🌓 I’ve been thinking a lot about light and shadow, day and night, struggle and flow, pain and pleasure, endings and beginnings. . We kinda can’t fully have one without the other. As I reflect on what Heartwork Journaling has added…

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Heartwork Journal Flipthrough Video

heartwork journaling video flipthrough 2017

I CANNOT believe it’s almost the end of the year! I wanted to show you what one of my Heartwork Journals actually looks like on the inside. Failure is Fertilizer. After taping the video flipthrough, I realized that this is not one of my “prettiest” journals. And that is actually PERFECT and illustrates Heartwork Journaling…

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What Is Heartwork Journaling?

heartwork art journaling

I’ve been using art journaling for years to make myself feel better and to gain inner peace and strength. When I first started I didn’t know how what I was doing worked or why; or that it had a name. I just knew every time I sat down with my art supplies and allowed myself…

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