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I show people how to coach themselves with simple journaling & creativity.

I show people how to coach themselves with simple journaling & creativity.


About Maritza


Maritza Parra is an artist, coach, and creator of Heartwork Journaling. Using simple creative lessons, she helps people increase their emotional literacy in order to process feelings, heal the past and promote self-discovery. Her unique approach was developed from her personal journey of healing from childhood trauma through understanding and gently guiding her emotions.

Through her livestreams, online classes and retreats, she’s helped thousands of clients and students rediscover their own power through play. Her work has also helped students develop the skills to tune into and courageously follow their intuition more often. Additionally, through setting intentions and visualizing them, her clients have achieved financial goals including making over $100K in sales in 2 months.

Over her career, Maritza has been featured on PBS, ESPN, as well as Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series. She has shared the stage with Barbara Corcoran, Joan Rivers, Marie Forleo, and Dan Kennedy. Maritza’s book, Heartwork Journaling, is available on Amazon.


Got my first horse and became a horse crazy kid!


Worked diligently to become best equestrian possible by training in San Antonio with local instructors and in Portugal with Maestro Nuno Oliveira.


Began performing free horse shows for fun near home. One of my first gigs was for the South Texas Epilepsy Foundation.


Sold my first horse, a mare named Blue. Officially became a cowgirl.


Had first paying horse show gig. An entrepreneur is born!


Expanded fledgling horse business to include breeding and training Andalusians.


Won the International Andalusian Horse Association National Championship with my horse Primoroso II.


Traveled the United States with my Dancing Stallion Horse Show performing at the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, the Washington International Horse Show and for the Royal Lippizaners United States tour. Also appeared in a historical series on PBS and ESPN’s “On the Right Track” series.


Featured in Robert Vavra’s books including “Horses of the Sun.”


My stallion Boticario De La Parra won the U.S. National Championships!


Breeding and training business grew to include over 50 horses. Began learning direct response marketing methods to sell horses and market my horse show to cut down on travel time away from home.


Became inspired when I saw a Mexican performer singing on horseback. Was told singing on horseback is traditionally a “male thing” and not appropriate for a woman. So, I immediately started taking singing lessons and made plans to break the tradition 🙂


Performed my first song on horseback during one of my Dancing Stallion Horse Shows!


Hired by Columbia Pictures to do a film wrap party for the movie “All the Pretty Horses” starring Matt Damon and Billy Bob Thornton. Got to meet both of them!


Started a bath and beauty products side business. Took products to the Dallas Market Center and disappointingly had very few sales. Became determined to succeed
next year.


Learned everything possible about using story to sell my products. Returned to Dallas Market Center with new marketing materials and messaging. Completely soldout of our entire inventory. Got married.


Sold bath and beauty products business to a private label company in Oregon for a sizeable profit.


Got divorced and dove deep into self empowerment, meditation and creativity to get rid of panic attacks and make myself feel better.


Started a Meetup group about self empowerment and the Law of Attraction. Only one person came to the first event, but I knew the value of what I was doing and stuck with it. Persistence led to growing a large group following, coaching clients, information products and a brand new business.


Interviewed by Oprah for Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series. She wanted to speak to someone who knew how regular people use the Law of Attraction. Because of my very large Meetup group, they called me.


At the request of some of my Meetup group members, I expanded my business to include direct and online marketing coaching.


Marketing business expands tremendously. During the next few years, invited to be a featured speaker at the Canada Marketing Summit, GKIC’s Women’s Business
Makeover Events, Dan Kennedy’s Superconference and Info-Summit, Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Georgia Internet Marketing Association, Mark Victor Hansen’s Inner Circle, eWomen Network’s Annual meeting and the National Speaker’s Association Platform Profits event, among others.


Embark on philanthropic mission to Uganda to improve medical care and schooling for disadvantaged children.


Met the love of my life.


Launch Business Vision Board Workshop with simple creativity, goal setting and planning lessons and receive immediate, overwhelming positive response.


Live Business Vision Board Workshop retreats.


Exceptionally fruitful year coaching groups, private clients, selling online products.


Successfully launch Heartwork Journaling creativity and empowerment events. Having so much fun! Begin selling online creativity classes and original art commissions


Published Heartwork Journaling


Want more clarity and courage to make your big dreams a reality? Join me for Heartwork Journaling lessons!


Want more clarity and courage to make your big dreams a reality? Join me for Heartwork Journaling lessons!

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