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Benefits of Heartwork Journaling Certification:

Full Heartwork Journaling Lesson Plans

Learn how to:

  • hold safe, non judgmental space for all participants, topics and issues that might be presented
  • teach Heartwork Journaling simple creativity lessons understanding the psychology and creativity behind each lesson
  • teach others how to use Heartwork Journaling tools in depth for any issue / topic in their life. (different than using for your own personal self coaching)
  • support people in therapy who have received a clinical diagnosis. These tools are an additional instrument you can give them alongside their existing comprehensive therapeutic regimen.
  • help people with creativity scars or perfectionism get over the paralyzing fear of making marks
  • help people create their life and results on purpose

Heartwork Journaling Journals and textbooks.


Purchase journals and textbooks at the low printing cost with YOUR business contact information inside.

Learn how to price and resell the Heartwork Journaling journals and textbooks OR make them a bonus for signing up for your classes and retreats.


How to Fill Your Classes & Retreats

Receive training on how to:

  • price your classes and retreats
  • deliver your classes and retreats for maximum impact for participants and revenue for you
  • write about your online classes or in person retreats so people want to sign up
  • tell your story so people want to learn from YOU
  • use your creativity to create amazing social media posts to sell your certified offerings (and your other offerings!)
  • fill your online classes or in person retreats
  • write compelling ads people love

Learn How to Coach with the Equation of Emotion

This simple 5 step journaling tool brings insight and awareness to exactly thoughts, emotions and actions work together to create results.

You will receive teaching tools and a bank of questions to help you understand other people's equations and how to bring people into increased self awareness of how they are creating their results.

You will learn the ART of lovingly helping people question their current habituated ways of being.

You will learn how to NOT buy into people's disempowering stories by overempathizing (DIFFERENT than healthy empathy).

You will learn the SKILL of how to coach OTHER PEOPLE with this simple yet extremely powerful tool.


Learn How to Coach with the Emotional Global Positioning System


This system shows people where they are in any moment, on the range of human emotion. When people see this, they gain more control about how to be present to their life AND how to create more of what they REALLY want.

You'll learn how to teach this tool in depth to others. You'll receive a bank of emotional trigger scripts to help bring people to more insight into their EGPS.


Make an impact & a living you LOVE.

Heartwork Journaling certification will focus on:
  • how to teach Heartwork Journaling
  • permission and access to use full lesson plans (plus new lesson plans)
  • train you on how to fill, price and market your own Heartwork Journaling groups and programs
Anyone certified to teach Heartwork Journaling to others MUST know how to use the Equation of Emotion and EGPS in their self coaching practice.
You will learn how to master this in certification. There will be final application test to ensure your Heartwork Journaling knowledge.

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Open for Enrollment

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