Certification  begins January 2024

Future Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor,

Your people are waiting for YOU.


When you join the Certification program, you'll get everything you need to have your own business helping others play with a purpose.

Teach SERIOUS Personal Growth Through Creativity & Play


What's Included in Certification

Full Heartwork Journaling Lessons for Certified Instructors.

As a Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor, you'll have full permission to use, modify, teach and sell the lessons from the Heartwork Journaling book, PLUS brand new lessons you'll learn in the program. 

You will receive:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Ready-to-use optimized images (for online or print use)
  • Editable Lesson Worksheets
  • Lesson descriptions (to help you offer and sell)
  • Instruction on how to take these lessons deeper for your own work and to help you teach them (including answers to student FAQS)

As a Certified Instructor, you'll also receive full use of theHeartwork Journaling Foundational Tools to Use to Teach or Coach


You'll get full rights to teach Our Human Brain, Equation of the Emotion, the Emotional Global Positioning System (PLUS use of the EGPS poster & doodle cutouts), Visionary Triad of the brain and beloved, stand-alone concepts like "Failure is Fertilizer".

These powerful tools are proven and ready for you to use. The ability to use these teaching tools is incredibly valuable.


You'll also get everything you need to teach Courage Cards & You Are Loved Cards as Lessons

You can teach the process of creating Courage Cards and You Are Loved Cards.

For the You Are Loved Cards, you'll receive high-resolution printables of the angels for your clients and students to use on their cards.

You'll be spreading courage, self-empowerment and love through these lessons!


These cards are a great way of building your audience. These lessons can also be extended into a longer series, workshop or multi-day retreat.

The value of these ready-to-use lessons is ENORMOUS.


You can skip the years - and the tears - that it takes to create, fail, test, improve products - and make these done-for-you lessons your own.

They'll be yours, ready to use & modify as you wish.

Everything you'll receive in Certification is proven and effective in changing lives.

Plus, save loads of time, energy and effort by receiving the done-for-you lesson images, editable worksheets and lesson plans, instructor guides, and descriptions.

Build your business quickly with Certification.

Save thousands of hours and several years creating content that actually changes lives.

Imagine the amount of time, energy and effort you will save by having all these PROVEN tools to build YOUR business.

Please read the FAQS to clearly understand what is included for you to use when you become a Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor.

You will get full access to use, modify, teach and sell everything in the 2023 Heartwork Journaling Certification Catalogue.

It does NOT include full access to use ALL of Maritza's lessons and artwork, unless they are specifically part of the Heartwork Journaling Certified Lesson Catalogue.


Learn the Heartwork Journaling Lesson Creation Process


In Certification, you'll learn the skill of how to develop your own lessons using the Heartwork Journaling Lesson Creation Process.

This process will help you take your inner wisdom, growth and lived experiences and turn them into lessons to share, help, teach and inspire other people.

You have gifts, perspectives, a voice and light that NO ONE ELSE in the world has or will EVER have.

Learning this part will make your work and earning capacity unlimited.


Turn your doodles into ASSETS to help you fill your classes.

In addition to getting ready-to-use images, you'll also learn how to turn your heartfelt doodles into:

  • logos & social media images for your classes, workshops and retreats
  • printed worksheets or merchandise like journals or shirts

You don't need a fancy camera for this, your smartphone is enough, even if it's an older model.


Please read the FAQS to clearly understand what is included for Certified Instructors to use in terms of the name of Heartwork Journaling and the logos.

Certification does NOT include full access to use the name Heartwork Journaling, the painted logo or the doodle girls, except as specifically stated in the Heartwork Journaling Certified Catalogue.


Learn where to find your people.


I'll teach you where and how to find your people.

You'll learn how to powerfully invite them so you fill your classes.

You'll learn to use your brain and heart to love and welcome them, even before they've arrived.


How to price and sell your classes and / or your coaching.

There are many considerations to make when you price your classes. You'll learn what you need to think about so you give great value and get paid well too.

You'll learn my index card method of writing sales pages (like this one).

Use this method to write a simple page or a longer page to invite people to join your classes.

Throughout the program, you'll be working on your money beliefs, getting my help along the way.

soul medicine

Get paid to do what you love.


Learn to create a safe container to teach.

You'll learn how to help participants and students create safety within themselves so they allow themselves to open up to their blank page.

You'll also learn how to hold safe space for yourself as Instructor.

As an Instructor, you don't need to know the answers for your clients and students. (That's not your job.)

What you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the questions to ask to help them find their answers.

It's incredible to empower people to start making courageous marks on their page, in their heart, and in their life.


There is NOTHING more fun than giving great value that people REALLY want and getting paid for doing something you LOVE.

You get to:

  • help others through this work
  • gently work on yourself
  • share with others from your heart (only as much as you want)
  • doodle & paint and get paid for it!

Many times I've thought "I can't believe I get paid to do this!"


You'll have that thought too.

Certification is empowering Certified Instructors to use these tools & lessons to positively impact the lives of 10,000,000 people by 2030.


Enroll in Certification to do meaningful work you love.

Learn to teach online, in real life or both.

You can keep it simple and teach classes with your smartphone.

You don't need to invest in expensive equipment to get started.

You'll learn how to use your computer and / or smartphone to begin to sell your classes and workshops.

I'll also share all of my mindsets that will help you stay present with your process and courageous as you begin to share with the world! (And you won't be alone!)


Or learn how to create a "fancy" in-home studio.


Learn how to create anything from a simple studio to a multi-camera in home or in office studio to teach your online classes.

I'll share budget camera options to higher end options, lighting and software that makes changing camera angles quick and easy.

You'll learn from everything I've learned and sourced, without having to go through trial and error (& tears!) which can be expensive in this area.


Or learn how to hold your events in person, in the real world.

You'll also learn how to run your groups, classes in person in the real world.

You'll get scripts to reach out to possible venues and to invite people to your local classes, plus how to keep people connected to you even after the event is over.

Many of the Certified Heartwork Journaling lessons can be expanded to be a multi-day in-person workshop or retreat.


Certification is for you to get PAID to play with a purpose.

What people are saying about Heartwork Journaling.


(What people will be saying about working with YOU.)


Certification Bonuses


Enroll by December 4th to receive all of the bonuses below:


How to turn Your Story into a Full Color Book or Coloring Book. ($2,997 value)

I'll show you how to tell your story of growth and transformation in simple doodles and text, as I did in Caterpillar & Butterfly. Or, you can create a Coloring Book of your doodles and art.

Sell your books as PDFs, paperback books or use as a promotional tools.


When you enroll by December 24th, receive the 2 bonuses below:

Doodle Your Emotions & HJU launch debrief

($1500 value)

Get a peek behind the curtain of the Doodle Your Emotions workshop and Heartwork Journaling University launches that have resulted in hundreds of changed lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue the last 11 months.

Receive the actual FB ads image and ad copy, emails and social media posts for you to swipe and adjust to your voice to fill your classes.


Whether you do a small or a big launch, this will save you SO much time instead of starting to write your sales letters or ads from scratch.


Enroll by December 31st to receive the bonus below:


How to source, assemble and ship your own Art Supply Kits

($2000 value)

Your clients and students will LOVE getting a supply kit at in-person events or mailed to their homes. This is an incredible option you can choose to use.

I'll share my favorite wholesale suppliers, where to get amazing boxes created, how to find the supplies to put in your Supply boxes, and how to ship them.

You'll get everything I've learned, including the mistakes I've made - so you don't make them!


Bonuses for Everyone

My First 3 Clients

($500 value)

In this video training, learn a simple, powerful way to get your first 3 clients. This is a low-tech way you can enroll your first clients.

You get the step-by-step strategy and scripts for you to PERSONALIZE to who you want to work with and how you want to work with them.


The Sacred Sales Conversation Framework

($2000 value)

In this video and workbook training, you'll learn exactly how to enroll people into changing their lives through YOUR offers.

If you are afraid, embarrassed, or insecure about sell, this is the key to unlocking your future impact and income. This framework demystifies sales and helps you fall in love with selling.

This series is released during week 3 so you can begin selling as soon as possible while getting my help.

These 2 bonuses will help you create more impact and income for the rest of your career.

If you know you want to be a Certified Heartwork Journaling Instructor

don't wait to sign up because spaces WILL FILL UP.

Curriculum Dates & Details

Heartwork Journaling Certification is a combination of video lessons, live calls and Practice Teaching & Coaching sessions. The program begins with Orientation on January 8th and runs for 15 weeks through April 25th.

You will want to budget 2 hours per week for the program. The prerecorded lessons are released each Monday. Once all Future Certified Instructors have enrolled, you'll fill out a survey to help decide the live class and teaching / coaching practice schedule.


There is a private Certification Members area where you'll find the Heartwork Journaling Catalogue, calendar, call replays, lessons, lesson plans and bonus resources.

Certification Graduation Requirements


Requirements to certify as a Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor:

  • 2 Quizzes and 2 Tests.
  • Submit 2 completed worksheets.
  • Submit a teaching or coaching video for feedback.
  • Complete 3 teaching or coaching practice sessions.

Go to the FAQS for more details.

Get the Certification Curriculum Binder

When you enroll by December 4th, you'll receive a binder with physical copies of:

  • Equation of Emotion Workbook
  • Equation Cheat Sheet
  • Worksheets and Workbooks to use with your clients
  • Terms and Concepts
  • How to Sell Framework

These will be mailed to your door. (anywhere in the world)

Hard copy are ONLY available for those who enroll by December 4th and are mailed out in December.


Keep all your Certification materials organized and ready for you to teach at a moment's notice.

Here's what Certification graduates say:


Here's what people say about Heartwork Journaling:

(What people will say about working with you.)


Exceeded My Expectations

"I was expecting something more like the crafty online  classes I do, which would have been fine.

Instead, I am so pleased with the caliber of the site and the content, not to mention the quantity and variety of lessons available.

I truly feel like I am enrolled in an institution of higher learning!"

Suzan Flipping


Confident Again.

"I'm confident for the first time in a long time. I'm not hoping, I'm not wishing, I'm not wondering, I'm not doubting myself.

I am confident that I can get there and it is all through doodling, journaling and heart work journaling. Thank You."

~ Elizabeth Albright



Changed My Life.

"I have tried therapy but always left sessions either feeling the same or worse. I wanted "tools" but never got them. People would say that you can "choose your thoughts" but I never understood how that worked.

With the EGPS and the Equation of Emotion, I now have a tool that works. This has truly been a lifeline for me and I am eternally grateful."

~ Avis Board



"You used my weight loss Equation of Emotion in an example. Since then I am loving and appreciating my body. I am making choices that are best for my body.

What is so crazy is that it hasn't been hard and I feel great in my skin now! I got on the scale Saturday and was amazed to realize that I've lost nearly 10 punds in the last 2 months. I'm on my way."

~ Denise Carroll

The value of these proven & ready-to-use tools & lessons is ENORMOUS.

The ADDITIONAL value of going through the Certification program is that YOU will grow so much through this program.


This will require growing emotional maturity and constraint to keep things simple.

You will trade indulging in confusion for making powerful decisions and taking inspired action.

You will learn how to create success without unnecessary burnout.

You will trade negotiating with yourself and spinning your wheels for wholehearted dedication to a worthy cause and honoring your word to yourself.

You will move forward with your Certification group to positively impact people's worlds FOREVER.

Certification is INCREDIBLE Done-For-You value and will NEVER be offered at this tuition investment again.

Spaces ALWAYS fill up.

Enroll today.


$1300 /month
(6 payments)


(one time)



Heartwork Journaling Certification was created to fill the demand to teach the lessons, tools and concepts of Heartwork Journaling to others.

Our mission is to empower Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructors to use the tools and lessons of Heartwork Journaling to positively impact the lives of 10 million people by 2030.

That is a bold and worthy goal.

We WILL do it.

You’ll teach people to look inside themselves to make the changes they want rather than constantly looking outside. You’ll do this with the Heartwork Journaling lessons you learn in Certification, and the lessons you create, plus a pen, paint, paper, and their brain and heart.

Heartwork Journaling Certification program is an online program that begins the week of January 8th, 2024 with Orientation and runs for 15 weeks.

There is a combination of prerecorded lessons, live Zoom meetings. After enrolling, you will fill out a survey to inform the schedule of live calls. Live calls will be discussion of the recorded program plus you practicing teaching and coaching.

There is a private Member's Area where the lessons, call replays, worksheets and other assets can be accessed at any time - day or night. when you graduate from Heartwork Journaling Certification, you will be able to download lessons, replays, audios, worksheets and other assets from the Certification site.

Requirements to achieve and maintain my status as a Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor:

  • Certification Requirements:
    • Pass 2 quizzes and 2 tests
    • Submit 2 completed worksheets - 1 at midterm and one during the final month.
    • Submit 1 teaching or coaching video for feedback. 
    • Complete 3 live teaching or coaching practice sessions.

The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that all Heartwork Journalling Certified Instructors establish and maintain a high level of understanding and proficient use of the (core) tools and lessons essential to our mission.

To establish certification, you must score 75% or higher on all quizzes and exams.

Students who score below 75% on a quiz or exam may make arrangements to retake it to achieve a passing score.

After successfully completing and passing all requirements, you will achieve Certified Instructor status. You will receive a certificate in the mail upon graduation.

No. As long as you successfully complete the program requirements and pass the quizzes and tests, you WILL be able to use everything in the Heartwork Journaling Certification Catalogue for as long as you wish.

Yes. You will receive the Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor certificate in the mail upon graduation.

This is up to you. You can begin selling your classes before you graduate if you choose. The focus of Heartwork Journaling Certification is helping you become a good Instructor or Coach of Heartwork Journaling.

We've had people who start selling right away and also people who decide to wait until they graduate. One of the great things about these lessons is they are READY to GO - Ready for you to Sell - AS IS!

As a Certified Heartwork Journaling Instructor, you will always have access to all the lessons, replays, images, and worksheets from the Heartwork Journaling Lesson Catalogue. All of these lessons, replays, images, and worksheets are fully downloadable upon graduation for you to keep in your library forever. Once you certify, you will KEEP access to the Certified Member Site.

The following optional benefits of joining a Certified Instructor Alumni program are available to all Certified Instructors who choose to stay actively connected to the program and who want to gain access to NEW Heartwork Journaling materials and lessons as they become available. For a yearly fee, all active Alumni Certified Instructors will receive full access to the next cohorts Heartwork Journaling Certified Catalog of New Lessons, any lesson updates of the Heartwork Journaling Certified Catalog of Lessons, and access to Alumni Only Monthly Trainings.

This benefit of being in the active Alumni program is completely optional and is NOT required to continue to use, modify, sell and teach the Heartwork Journaling Certified Catalog of Lessons that you received during your Certification.

No. These are 2 different programs. HJU is for people who want to use this work in their own lives.

Certification is for those who want learn to teach it to others in their classes, workshops, retreats and memberships.

Both programs are an incredible value on their own.

You are free to use all the lessons within the Catalogue as-is, or you can adapt, modify, or change these lessons to teach others as you see fit.

Once a lesson has been added to the Heartwork Journaling Certified Lesson Catalogue, you have full permission to use it.

You do not need to credit Maritza or Heartwork Journaling for the lesson. You'll be able to use it or adapt it to your classes.

Certified Instructors will be able to use and teach:

Foundational Tools:

  • Our Human Brain.
  • Visionary Triad
  • The Equation of Emotion.
  • The Emotional Global Positioning System.
  • Use of the EGPS poster and cutout paper dolls

Plus ALL of the lessons from the original Heartwork Journaling book, including concepts like Failure is Fertilizer.

Plus brand new Heartwork Journaling lessons you'll learn in  Heartwork Journaling Certification on Inner Child work, Belonging, Relationships, Decisions & Letting Go of What Others Think.

One of the most important things you'll learn through this program is a step-by-step process for how to tap into your inner wisdom to create new lessons that are all your own!

Certified Instructors will be able to use and teach everything in the  Heartwork Journaling Catalogue. Just a small portion of what's in the Certified Instructor Catalogue is shown below.

Foundational Tools:

  • Our Human Brain.
  • Visionary Triad.
  • The Equation of Emotion.
  • The Emotional Global Positioning System.
  • Use of the EGPS poster and cutout paper dolls.

Plus ALL of the lessons from the original Heartwork Journaling book:

  • Soothing Swatches
  • Shapes & Doodles
    • Failure is Fertilizer
    • Criticism-Free Zone
    • Comparison-Free Zone
  • How to Be a Divine Scientist
  • Your Sacred Self
  • Letter to Fear
  • Angel of Intention
  • The Hero's Journey
  • Dinner Table Tools
  • My Broken Open Heart
  • Simple Self-Portrait
  • Cultivating Connection
  • Heartwork Journaling Awards
  • How to Be a Recovering Perfectionist

Plus brand new Heartwork Journaling lessons you'll learn in Heartwork Journaling Certification:

  • Inner Child
  • Boundaries
  • Relationships
  • Powerful Decisions
  • Letting Go of What Others Think
  • Motivational Triad
  • Visionary Triad
  • The Equation of Emotion
  • The Emotional Global Positioning System
  • Boundaries Workshop
  • The Story of You Workshop


  • How to Create Courage Cards
  • You Are Loved Cards

This is just a small portion of the lessons available in the Catalogue.

One of the most important things you'll learn through this program is a step-by-step process for how to tap into your inner wisdom to create new lessons that are all your own!

You are free to use all the lessons or parts of lessons within the Catalogue as-is, or you can adapt, modify, or change these lessons to teach others as you see fit.

Once a lesson has been added to the Heartwork Journaling Certified Lesson Catalogue, you have full permission to use it.

You do not need to credit Maritza or Heartwork Journaling for the lesson. You'll be able to use it, modify it or adapt it to your classes.

All Certified Heartwork Journalling Instructors have the option to use the Heartwork Journaling name and the Doodle Circle Logo within the specific guidelines stated below.

The Heartwork Journaling name may only be used alongside your chosen business name and must be stated as follows:

  • Heartwork Journaling Certified
  • Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor
  • Heartwork Journaling Certified Coach
  • Powered by Heartwork Journaling
  • Certified by Heartwork Journaling

Example of Use 1

Example of Use 2

Example of Use 3

The Heartwork Journaling name must be in a font size that is at least 40% smaller than the font size of your chosen business name as it appears on the page.

    • For example, if your business name appears on the page in a size 80 font, then the Heartwork Journaling name can be no larger than a font size of 68.

We want you to promote YOUR business, front and center. If you choose to use the Heartwork Journaling name or logo, it must be within these specific guidelines.

For use of the use the Doodle Circle logo, you will be able to use the circular logo with the doodle painting her head. (At the very top left of this page) The logo size must be at least 40% smaller than your chosen business logo as it appears on the page. If you do not have a business logo, the Doodle Circle logo must be 40% smaller than the  size of your business name. 

Example of Doodle Logo Use

These assets will be provided to all Certified Instructors in blue, pink, white and black in files to use online or high-resolution files for printing. You can also change the color to match your branding colors.

Considering EVERYTHING Certified Instructors will receive in the program, this is the lowest tuition will ever be again.

The value of having proven, effective lessons ready for Certified Instructors to use is worth much more than the tuition. The lower monthly payment program gives those who can't do the full pay a chance to invest in themselves through the lower monthly payments.

If that's not do-able for you now or would, I suggest saving for the next round of Certification that will enroll at a later date. 

I get it. This is an advanced investment.

For the right person, this investment will continue to pay you back for the rest of your career when you offer your classes, groups, workshops and retreats.  

The investment is actually the easy part. Becoming a Heartwork Journaling Certified Instructor will require creating emotional maturity in many areas. It will require constraint, discipline and taking responsibility for when and how you choose to make money.

It will require creating emotions of sufficiency and self-worth on purpose, in order to step into this identity in service of helping others, INCLUDING helping yourself by charging money for your work.

In the Heartwork Journaling Certification program, you will trade indulging in confusion with making powerful decisions and taking inspired action. You will trade negotiating with yourself for commitment and honoring your word to yourself. You will learn how NOT to get lost in drama and you will move forward with everyone in the Certification group.

When you enroll in Certification by paying in full you are choosing significant savings savings on the tuition. If you can, we recommend signing up for the pay in full option for this reason.

Yes! That's exactly why Certification was created. There's a huge demand for this work.
There are so many people in the world who will benefit from Heartwork Journaling and who will want to learn it from YOU.
As stated previously, there are specific guidelines for use of the name and logos of Heartwork Journaling. You'll have full use of all the lessons in the Certified Heartwork Journaling Catalogue.
Certification is the place to be if you want to get paid to play with a purpose.

No. You do not. We'll go into the foundational lessons and lessons in the Certified Catalogue more deeply here than anywhere else. You'll be equipped with what you need to empower yourself and others through this work. 

If you don't want to start your own business, there will be opportunities to work for HJU. First, we'll be employing Certified contractors who know this work well to coach and conduct lessons at HJU.

Later there may be opportunities to work with us at live events or teaching Heartwork Journaling Certification in the future.

Note that joining Heartwork Journaling Certification does NOT constitute a guarantee of employment or income. If and when there are opportunities to do contract wirk for Heartwork Journaling, Certified Instructors will be the only ones eligible to apply for. Working for Heartwork Journaling will be rigorous. 

If you don't want to start your own business, this is a GREAT place to go deeper with your own Heartwork Journaling. If this is the case, you will tell us at the beginning of the program when we survey all Certification participants that you are doing this for your own self-work. We will establish that you will be exempt from the requirement of the teaching or coaching submissions. 

Absolutely! That's one of the BEST things about this. You will have full rights to use all of the images and artworks that's included in the your Heartwork Journaling Certification Catalogue.

You can decide to use everything in the Catalogue to teach the lessons without doing a live demonstration of the doodling and coloring, unless you want to.

If you do choose to learn how to do a live demonstration of the doodles and coloring, you WON'T be starting from scratch, you'll have all the lessons images as your step-by-step guide.

Plus if you do decide to demonstrate the doodles and coloring, the process of learning to do this will help you OVERCOME your self-judgement and also let go of the opinion of others about your doodles. 

You being brave and allowing your Heartwork to be EXACTLY what it is becomes part of the magic and permission you grant to others.

There is no requirement to be a coach, therapist, and/or social worker to enroll and graduate from Heartwork Journaling Certification. You will not be giving advice or doing therapy when you teach your classes.

Your job as a Certified Instructor and Coach is to help people rediscover themselves through these tools, empowering question prompts, creativity, play, and self-reflective lessons. The most important thing you'll need to know is how to hold space for your students and clients, how to ask the right questions so people find and rediscover their answers. 

No. We will not create a website for you or create social media channels or content for you, other than what is in the Certified Heartwork Journaling Catalogue.

You don't need a website to get started teaching this work and filling your classes. Building a website can slow you down from making that happen quickly. We do recommend getting one built later if you don't have one. 

If you are unable to complete your Certification Program session due to a medical condition, you can transfer your enrollment to the next Certification program session.

If you have a question that haven't been answered, send an email to hello@heartworkjournaling.com with your question.

Official Poem of Heartwork Journaling Certification

Certified Instructors help people rediscover themselves, befriend themselves, empower themselves.

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out for some new delight.


The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.


Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.



I'll see you in Certification,


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