Ideas to Help You Market Your Completed Ebook

Several weeks ago I got a comment from David Tomen about how to market his Ebook… Here’s his blog comment: Hi Maritza: Wasn’t sure where to put this comment but the end of this article seems appropriate. I just wanted to thank you for the tutorials and inspiration in how to create an eBook. I…

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Your Effective Ebook Selling Website

The most important thing to remember when you’re setting up a website to sell your eBook, or any other product, is to build your list community. When you build your list community, you are building an asset, a database you can market to over and over again with products, services and information they need. Your…

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Product Creation Advice – What Exactly is an Ebook?

Writing an Ebook can be the first step in creating a profitable and low cost online business. The Baby boomer generation still loves the feel of a physical paper book, but even they are adapting to the next generation demand of having instant access to content via a screen. Here are some interesting statistics about…

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