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In the Business Vision Board Workshop...

  • You'll get step-by-step guidance so you know exactly how to create YOUR Vision Board for BUSINESS fast and get the best possible results…
  • You'll get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what your dreams & goals are so you have the laser-focus & inspiration you've been searching for...
  • You'll discover exactly how to set specific business number goals that challenge you and keep you motivated to ACHIEVE MORE...
  • You'll use SIMPLE CREATIVITY to connect both hemispheres of your brain to get onboard with finding the "doors & breadcrumbs" to make your specific dreams happen...
  • You'll discover how to nurture the MOST VALUABLE ASSET you have in your business - YOU!
  • NEW LESSON: How to use the goals on your Business Vision Board DAILY. Don't create your Board and forget it. The highest achievers regularly write AND review their Money Goals. Now you can too - in just a minute a day.

 Sandy Rakowitz 


"First Six Figure Year and Beyond..."

“WOW. I am stunned. Happy Dance. Need to Celebrate. I doubled my income last month and was $15,000 over my bold money goal. Wow. Wow. Wow! This all started with your Business Vision Board Workshop!"

You'll get these 6 Empowering Lessons in the
Business Vision Board Workshop...

Lesson One

Get empowered to take inspired action consistently.

video lesson1

One of the biggest obstacles stopping entrepreneurs from moving forward powerfully is fear of failing or being judged.

Failure is not only part of success but it's an integral part of success. This lesson will empower you to overcome your fear so that you can take action with more confidence and the sense of freedom necessary to succeed BEFORE you even begin.

Lesson Two

Define your dreams with crystal clear clarity.

video lesson 2

​Very few entrepreneurs know exactly what they are striving to achieve and what success means for them.

​Without defining your dreams in detail, you won't know where you are on your path to success, and it's unlikely you'll ever get there.

In this fun and creative lesson, you'll define your dreams in detail so with every decision you make on your entrepreneurial journey you'll always be moving towards the destination you've chosen.

Lesson Three

Discover the most powerful Success Rituals.

video lesson 3

In this lesson you'll discover the most powerful personal success rituals so that you build a strong foundation to grow personally and professionally each and every day.

Incorporating these foundational Success Rituals into your daily routine will make you much more productive and happier in your life and your business.

These habits will empower you to get the most out of the greatest untapped business asset you have - YOU!

Lesson Four

Set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily Money Goals.

video lesson 4

In this lesson you'll set specific money goals for your business.

We’ll also identify any obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your goals and develop strategies to use to overcome them before you need them.

Setting your specific number goals will allow you to plan your daily actions more effectively and enable you to accomplish your goals more easily. You’ll be able to track your progress from day to day, week to week and month to month.

As a result your daily actions will much more focused, targeted and productive, and you’ll achieve your goals much faster and easier than ever before.​

Lesson Five

Set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily Email List Building Goals.

video lesson 5

This goal setting lesson focuses on growing your list of email subscribers and your social media presence. 

As a result of setting your specific goals your daily actions will be much more focused, targeted and organized, and you'll achieve your goals much faster and easier than ever before.

Lesson Six

Get (& Stay) Courageous and Resilient.

video lesson 6

In this lesson you'll discover how to practice self-compassion and self kindness so that you can easily create the positive changes you want in your business and your life...

You'll have more resiliency and receive the inspiration you need to take more risks and bounce back from any stumbles you have along your path to the success.

**New Lesson**

How to regularly write & review your Money Goals so that you reach more of them.

business vision board money goals

Studies show one of the biggest differences between those who achieve the highest 1% of income is they REGULARLY write & review their Money Goals.

Most people who DO create a Vision Board, forget about it afterwards. You'll discover exactly how to EASILY write & review your goals regularly so that you stay focused and you achieve more of your income goals much faster , instead of getting distracted with other non-income producing activities throughout the year.

Michelle Talbert

 Michelle Talbert 


"400% Email List Growth!"

"My email list has grown over 400% thanks to Maritza’s teachings, techniques and information. Maritza has made an impact not only in my business but on my life."

Jenny W. Clark 

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"More confidence and courage..."

"Just closed $7,500 in sales when I got brave enough to use what you taught me. Thank you so much Maritza - could not have done this without your guidance! Yippee - I CAN do this!"

Christine Rose Elle

Christine Rose Elle 

 ChristineRoseElle .com 

"Clarity on my financial goals!"

"I am going through the lessons now and it is really helping me get clear on my financial goals. It's EXACTLY what I needed Maritza! So grateful! Maritza, I am SO happy I took your workshop."

faydra koenig

Faydra Koenig 

 DoingLifeWithFaydra .com 

"As addictive as chocolate!"

"Every lesson is like a VIP day with Maritza. I’m in awe of how she packs so much value into each episode. It’s like chocolate!"

Jay Platt

Jay Platt 

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"Learn while having fun!"

"Maritza is one upbeat lady with a wealth of knowledge. Just one of the tips I learned from her put an extra $10,000 in my pocket."

Begin to clarify your dreams and goals today!

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"I am SO sure you will love these lessons, you get my 30 Day 'You'll Love It!' Guarantee."

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