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4 Steps to Launch Your Online Course

how to launch your online course

Ecourses, online course, online education has been going on almost since the beginning of the internet. Now, it seems like there are ecourses on every subject under the sun.

Why? Because people love the convenience and immediacy of online learning!

A couple of years ago, I took Oprah’s first course with Brene Brown called “The Gift of Imperfection” It was a low cost course, with great production value and an overall huge success. I just got an email from then asking about what other ecourses (they’re calling them “OCourses”) I might be interested in.

Why are they doing this? Because online courses sell.

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Ideas to Help You Market Your Completed Ebook

Several weeks ago I got a comment from David Tomen about how to market his Ebook… Here’s his blog comment: Hi Maritza: Wasn’t sure where to put this comment but the end of this article seems appropriate. I just wanted to thank you for the tutorials and inspiration in how to create an eBook. I…

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The Product Creation Hunchback: My Default Halloween Costume

Ay chihuahua! It’s been a couple of weeks since making a blog post! I’ve been busy in the “Product Creation Lab” creating a new course called Social Marketing Blueprint… Jeff & I are so excited about the course and the launch… Last night members got access to their new Member’s Area to rave reviews. But,…

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