You are beautiful! – Heartwork Journaling

You are beautiful

Beautiful Heartworker, You are beautiful. So many people do not believe this. We think beauty is for others, but not for us. I think you’re beautiful. No matter what your age. No matter what your successes or failures No matter your completed, discarded or half finished projects. There is beauty in you now. This very…

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What’s Your Arena? – Heartwork Journaling

Courageous Heartworker, Where do you want to create new results in your life? Think of this as your arena. It’s where you will be tested. It’s where you’ll have to make an effort to think, feel and act in new ways. It’s where you will sometimes fail. It’s where you’ll be victorious at other times.…

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The Paradox of Change – Heartwork Journaling

The Paradox of Change

Changing Heartworker, I love self-help. Working on yourself is awesome. But not if it’s a punitive, mean way. Self-help is not fun when the goal is to “fix” brokenness. That can be hard, slogging-though-the-mud work. What if you’re not a problem that needs to be solved? That’s how I used to think of myself. One…

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The Cost of Comfort – Heartwork Journaling

The Cost of Comfort

Comfortable Heartworker, Comfort. It sounds so good. Warm. Cozy. Comfortable. Yet there’s a huge cost to comfort. Comfort doesn’t change you. Comfort doesn’t challenge you. Comfort pretends to be safe. Comfort begs you to stay when things get scary. Comfort asks you not to stray from what you’ve always done. Comfort nudges you to people-please,…

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