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You are beautiful! – Heartwork Journaling

Beautiful Heartworker,

You are beautiful.

So many people do not believe this.

We think beauty is for others, but not for us.

I think you’re beautiful.

No matter what your age.

No matter what your successes or failures

No matter your completed, discarded or half finished projects.

There is beauty in you now.

This very moment.

Do you see it?

Try on one of my favorite thoughts that has helped me reclaim my beauty.

No matter the amount of birthdays that pass. (54 by the way)

No matter the increasing crinkles around my eyes and the number of gray hairs.

Because I choose this thought, I feel beautiful every day, no matter any circumstance.

I am my own kind of beautiful.

You are beautiful

I invite you to play with this thought about yourself.

  • How are you beautiful?
  • What is beautiful about you now?
  • How can you create your own definition of beauty?
  • What is your “beauty playbook”? (That has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with what’s in the latest magazine or Instagram post.)

You are your own kind of beautiful.

Believe me.

With love and appreciation,