You are beautiful! – Heartwork Journaling

You are beautiful

Beautiful Heartworker, You are beautiful. So many people do not believe this. We think beauty is for others, but not for us. I think you’re beautiful. No matter what your age. No matter what your successes or failures No matter your completed, discarded or half finished projects. There is beauty in you now. This very…

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What is fierce self-love? – Heartwork Journaling

What is fierce self-love?

Lovable Heartworker, Fierce self-love is NOT a bubble bath, glass of wine, nature hike, expensive bag,  or even yoga. Fierce self-love is… Learning to become a person who honors your word to yourself. Fierce self-love is… Refusing to beat yourself up when you don’t. Fierce self-love is… Identifying and eliminating people-pleasing…  In a firm, yet…

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What if success is really now? – Heartwork Journaling

What if success is really now?

Searching Heartworker, Success. It means different things to different people. For most, success is always somewhere sometime in the future. Never here. No matter what your definition of success is, one thing is true. When you need success, you push it away. When you don’t need success, the success you want comes more easily. It’s…

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[Resource Post] Free Online Images to Use in Your Business

123 stock images

Storytelling is a powerful communication and marketing tool. Along with telling stories with words in your content and copywriting, another great way to tell a story instantly is through the power of images. It’s become more and more important for business owners to use photos and images that they are authorized to use. sometimes, that means royalty free photos and images and other times, you can use them by giving credit to the image creator.

Here’s a list of resources where you can find great stock images.

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