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What if success is really now? – Heartwork Journaling

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It means different things to different people.

For most, success is always somewhere sometime in the future.

Never here.

No matter what your definition of success is, one thing is true.

When you need success, you push it away.

When you don’t need success, the success you want comes more easily.

It’s a paradox.

Like the phrase “Less is more.”

The paradox of success:

“Success is now.”

Tip 1: Set your goals for the fun and growth.

Let go of your goals needing to happen.

Feel success in this moment.

Before the goal is achieved.

One of my FAVORITE things is breathing deeply from my belly, putting my hands on my heart and saying:

“I think this – what I’m living right now – might be success.”

And noticing ALL the success you actually need IS here, in this moment.

Need, lack and grasp… can dissolve.

It makes everything else easier.

I hear you type A, high achievers like me.

  • “Yeah, but if I let up…
  • If I feel successful now…
  • I won’t try anymore, I won’t EVER reach my goals!”

I used to think that.

That’s a recipe for more struggle, more hustle, less success.

The opposite is true.

Tip 2: Think of yourself as having a relationship with success.

When you’re NEEDY in a relationship, you’re just creepy, graspy and repellant to the object of your desire.

When you’re present in the relationship for the fun, in appreciation and being in the experience, everything is easier.

Not only will you reach more of your goals when you feel success NOW…

But you’ll also cultivate the FEELING of success now.

Success now.

Success later.

The ultimate success.


With love and appreciation,