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Heartwork Journaling

Practice New Thoughts Until They Begin to Take Root

protect new thought beliefs

Feel stuck or uninspired with your dreams and goals? Many people I connect with, as a coach and speaker, tell me they have dreams and goals they don’t pursue. They feel they’ve been called to do more. But somehow, something always gets in the way. They think it’s: too hard overwhelming not possible for them…

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Story of Heartwork Journaling – Doodle Video Tutorial part 2

heartwork journaling soothes your soul

Here’s part 2 of the story of Heartwork Journaling and the birth of the Heartwork Journaling book. If you have something you’ve been wanting to share with the world but you’ve felt shy, uncomfortable or unsure, share anyway. Last week I shared a video that really propelled me to start sharing Heartwork Journaling with the…

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