What’s going right? – Heartwork Journaling

What's going right?

Doubtful Heartworker, What went wrong? What isn’t working? We’re really, really good at: seeing what went wrong noticing what is currently not working preparing for what might go wrong next We evolved over centuries to be EXPERTS at “something has gone wrong.” In fact, we’re so good at this that EVEN when there are things…

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The sun will come out again Heartwork Journaling doodle

sun will come again doodle painting

Northern Heartworkers, In the northern hemisphere, our days are getting shorter and the landscape may be greyer. One of my favorite things to bring color to my life during these months is the doodle painting below. Step 1: Paint a big sun. ANY color will do, it can be a blue, pink, red, green sun.…

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I love Heartworkers!

When I talked about the upcoming Doodle Your Emotions series on a Facebook live, a wonderful Heartworker named Lisa Hooker DeLong contacted me. I did a quick live about it below: [s3mm type=”video” s3bucket=”maritza-blog” files=”gift-DYE-lisa-final.mp4″ /]   Her message said that Heartwork Journaling had helped her take time for herself everyday and remember that she…

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Pregnant with Stars

This pink haired woman became the inside cover of Heartwork Journaling – the book! While she was emerging from my journal, I was thinking of Heartwork Journaling and sharing it with the world. [s3mm type=”video” s3bucket=”heartworkjournaling” s3region=”us-west-2″ files=”art-videos/preg-stars1.mp4″ /] I am pregnant with stars and each person who picks up a brush to soothe their…

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Grounding Doodle Heartwork Journaling mini lesson

As there seem to be so many things that can keep us feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and spinning in negative emotion, I wanted to bring my beloved Heartworkers one of my favorite doodle meditations. Grounding Doodle Meditation Heartwork Journaling mini lesson.   Supplies Used: waterproof pen watercolor paper watercolors waterbrush You can find all the exact…

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