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The sun will come out again Heartwork Journaling doodle

Northern Heartworkers,

In the northern hemisphere, our days are getting shorter and the landscape may be greyer.

One of my favorite things to bring color to my life during these months is the doodle painting below.

Step 1:

Paint a big sun.

ANY color will do, it can be a blue, pink, red, green sun.

Step 2:

Pain rays coming from the sun. As few or as many as you want.

Step 3:

For each ray, write one thing you have to appreciate. 

Challenge yourself.

Don’t only look for the obvious things to appreciate.

Go back 10 years in your mind. 

What do you have now that you would have loved knowing about then?

For me, deep self-knowledge and awareness is one of the things I might not think to appreciate now.

sun will come again doodle painting

Short on time?

Only do the painting for now. (It will take 3 minutes)

Over the weekend, when you think of something to put on a sun ray, jot it down.

Think of it as an “appreciation scavenger hunt”.

This will have your brain actively looking for what there is to appreciate in your life now, REGARDLESS of the circumstances. (like the changing of the season!