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What’s going right? – Heartwork Journaling

Doubtful Heartworker,

What went wrong?

What isn’t working?

We’re really, really good at:

  • seeing what went wrong
  • noticing what is currently not working
  • preparing for what might go wrong next

We evolved over centuries to be EXPERTS at “something has gone wrong.”

In fact, we’re so good at this that EVEN when there are things going right,

Things we could choose to celebrate…

Things that are on the road to what we want…

Signposts indicating we’re going in the right direction…

Our brains don’t want us to get too excited.

We might get disappointed.

We might feel embarrassed, on the way to what we want.

So our brains are constantly trying to yank us back to:

  1. “Yeah that was just a fluke”
  2. “This won’t last”
  3. “I must have gotten lucky”
  4. “It’s not happening (fast / good / big / exactly like their’s) enough”
  5. “The other shoe is definitely going to drop”

It’s our job as humans with the benefit of our brain, the most powerful computer on the planet, to coach ourselves.

Coach ourselves to doubt our fearful, unhelpful thoughts.

I coach myself daily.

Sometimes on a moment-by-moment basis when I’m out of my comfort zone or I’m going through a personal growth spurt.

Coaches don’t buy into the disempowering stories of what went wrong, what’s not working and why bother trying.

Great coaches don’t yell, unnecessarily criticize or berate.

(Yet that’s exactly what’s going on in our heads much of the time!)

Great coaches are firm yet compassionate.

Coaching yourself means that even when it’s hard,

Even when the evidence isn’t there yet,

What's going right?

You ask yourself questions like:

  • What’s going right?
  • What is working?
  • What can I give myself credit for?
  • How can I do more of that?

You can get this reassurance and coaching from outside yourself.

That’s helpful and useful.

When you can get it from inside, it’s magic you’ll always be able to create for yourself.

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