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How to Stop Overdrinking Forever -interview with Life Coach Joe Vilardo

In this interview, Joe shares how he resolved decades of desire for alcohol.

He’d tried everything, from therapy to books to AA meetings and even a medium.

The only thing that worked was learning how to tell a new story through the tools of Life Coaching.

I’ve had a front row seat to his transformation several years ago.


If you are someone who has a loved one who is overdrinking, please note where we talked about how I approached him with love, care, and unattachment.

It wasn’t easy for me or him but it worked WONDERS for his being open to change.

I’m so incredibly proud of him – and inspired by him – and the work he does with his clients and students!


His programs we talked about during the interview:

Booze Busters 7-Day Challenge:

Take Control Program:

Free Consultation Call to Stop Drinking or Stop Overdrinking:


More Information:

Explore the website here.

Free Training Video: 16 Essential Tips

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