This is the time to sell and truly help with your offers

A few days ago, I was coaching a client. who is a new entrepreneur. She was very uncomfortable seeing people sell, with the pandemic happening right now. She was judging other entrepreneurs for selling. This is NOT a new struggle for her. It’s simply magnified. Everything you struggled with before is now bigger. Here’s the…

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Podcast Movement 2015 #PM15 Takeaways, Surprises and Learnings!

In this episode, Joe & I chat about our biggest takeaways from the Podcast Movement 2015 conference from earlier this month.

It was an incredible conference, particularly from Joe’s perspective because of his recent transition from a corporate 9-5 job into full time entrepreneurship. He had a great job that did a lot of good in the world (a medical equipment supplier and a bone back). However, he wasn’t the captain of his ship. We set some financial goals to achieve on certain projects together. When we achieved those goals earlier than we planned, he made the jump and left his corporate job.

Podcast Movement was the PERFECT place for him to get inspired by poeple doing what they LOVE and even more importantly, turning that into businesses making positive change in the world.

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How List Building Pays You in Your Business

In this episode, I want to share an unexpected product launch I did while launching the Easy Online Marketing podcast. It brought in an extra $4,845 for a few hours of my time.

I launched the podcast with 3 episodes and got such a great response that I decided, spur-of-the-moment style to do one of my 30 day challenges in conjunction with the launch. In fact, I didn’t tell my head VA Tracy that I was doing it, so I ended up doing some of the technical things myself late into the evening and early in the very wee hours of the morning.

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Business Creativity & Joy with Laura West

In this episode, Laura West from the Center for Joyful Business shares how she overcame obstacles to become a creative business coach. She believes following your joy and listening to your intuition makes all the difference in your business.

Laura emerged from corporate to start her own coaching business and found success when she tapped into her intuition and creativity.

In addition to being a business coach focusing on unleashing other business owner’s creativity, she also does huge murals for conferences – live! In this image, she created a visual representation of one of my keynote speeches.

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