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This is the time to sell and truly help with your offers

A few days ago, I was coaching a client. who is a new entrepreneur.

She was very uncomfortable seeing people sell, with the pandemic happening right now.

She was judging other entrepreneurs for selling.

This is NOT a new struggle for her.

It’s simply magnified.

Everything you struggled with before is now bigger.

Here’s the thing.

EVERYTHING you struggled with before coronavirus has amplified.

If you struggled with money before, your struggle has grown.

If you struggled with eating before, likely that has come up for you. (It did for me!)

If you struggled with SELLING, you’re definitely facing that struggle amplified right now.

If you struggled in your relationship, the same old issues have come back stronger than ever.

(Especially when you’re together 24-7.)

This client in particular has struggled with not wanting to be seen or perceived as “salesy” to others.

We’ve done some GREAT work on this.

Before the current pandemic, she sold her coaching packages and she’s helping her clients.

That came to a screeching halt with coronavirus.

Watch the video below for some of what we uncovered and coached on during our session.



If you are struggling to make offers right now, think about the fact that the people you can help are STILL struggling and most probably even more.

If you can help them and you choose not to because of “what people will think” cleverly disguised as your judgments, THIS is your opportunity to get out of your own way…

In order to help other people and to help yourself.

Here’s my doodle to remind me – and my client – that vultures help clean things up, help keep diseases controlled and are a VITAL part of nature.


Please take this as permission to share how you can help your people now AND make offers to help in exchange for money.

That IS courageous.