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Where does worthiness really come from? – Heartwork Journaling

Worthy Heartworker,

On worthiness…

Do you have an answer (that you believe) to this question:

“How am I worthy, whole and valuable NOW?”

Right now, without:

  • any conditions changing…
  • you doing anything more to “achieve” worthiness…
  • anyone telling you / seeing you / acting toward you as worthy, whole and valuable…

If you don’t have an answer, it’s worth asking yourself the question:

“HOW am I 100% worthy, whole and valuable NOW?”


“In how many ways can I consider myself to be worthy, whole and valuable NOW, regardless of past, current or future circumstances?”

The only reason you don’t have answers to this question may be that you’ve never asked.

Think about it.

We spend most of our lives asking these kind of questions:

  • How did my past show me my unworthiness?
  • Who told me I was unworthy?
  • What did I believe that caused me to feel unworthy?
  • Is this [situation / rejection / failure / circumstance] more evidence of my unworthiness?

Most people’s brains scan for evidence of unworthiness.

Reclaim your sense of worthy, whole and valuable by asking, RE-ASKING and actively answering these questions instead:

  • How am I worthy now?
  • What if NO ONE but me can define my worth and value?
  • How can I feel more valuable to myself in this moment?
  • What if I’ve always been just as worthy, whole and valuable as people I admire?
  • What if no circumstance has EVER determined my worth?
  • What can I do to show myself my worthiness?
  • How have I ALWAYS been worthy?

Where does worthiness really come from?

If you’re thinking: 

“yeah, right, it’s not that easy, Maritza.”

I get it.

I really do.

I thought that too for a very long time.

I searched high and low for a long time.

And then I went inside.

That’s where I found and reclaimed my worthiness.

It is always there.

Inside of you.

Regardless of the circumstances.

Waiting for you to reclaim.

Give yourself an honest chance.

Ask yourself the empowering questions above for the next 30 days.

Answer them with pen and paper.

Even if you have ZERO things to write for many, many days…




Or, you can keep trying to get your feelings of worthy, whole and valuable from external sources.

(I call this the Jabba-the-Hut bottomless pit because nothing’s ever enough!)

Put your hand on your heart. 

Breathe deeply.

Ask yourself “How am I 100% worthy now?”


With love and appreciation,