How to Retire Wealthy at 27 with Austin G. Netzley

In this episode, Austin G. Netzley shares how he retired at 27 years old and some of the mindsets that helped him make that happen.

When Austin got into the “real world” as an engineer in corporate, he found himself in $81,000 in debt and miserable health. He actually had to call 911 several times because his health was so terrible.

He realized he needed to make a change and went about becoming healthy and learning to become an entrepreneur. He threw himself into the investing world and became so successful that he retired from corporate at the age of 27.

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How to Believe in Miracles for Your Business

einstein miracle year

Ever felt like absolutely nothing is happening in your business? Like the effort you’re expending is not equal to the results you’re getting? I’ve experienced this over and over in all my businesses and it’s usually when most people stop.

Lately, I’ve been watching documentaries and reading about people who’ve done big things in different arenas, despite the odds. I’m using it to strengthen my mindset and keep focused on the big things I’m creating in my different businesses.

I love the story of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”.

It was 1905. He was becoming a big failure fast.

His father died believing his son wasn’t going to amount to much. He hadn’t been able to get his son Albert a job.

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Five Ways to Keep Going When You’re Tired of Hearing “No”

I received this great question from a subscriber recently. “Maritza, I’ve been following you for a while. You openly talk about the failures of the past. I’m a health coach who helps identify the best kind of eating plan that will be sustainable and realistic for people, while getting them great results. I’ve failed at…

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[Q & A] What are the elements of online success?

Motivation and inspiration for moving forward

Recently, I got this subscriber question from Rich in Texas: “With so many programs & ways to succeed online WHY do so few make any money online? What is the most effective way for a beginner to make their 1st dollar online?” First, I’d like to say that there are a lot more people succeeding…

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