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2 Roadblocks that Stop Entrepreneurs from Creating a Business Vision Board

Allowing yourself the time and space to create your Business Vision Board is an incredibly powerful goal setting, business planning and dream building process.

It’s also very fun!

Many people have heard stories of the power of Vision Boards yet many never take the time to make it a priority.

Why is that?

Over the years, I’ve identified several reasons for this, and one big one is fear that comes in many forms.

Here are the 2 biggest roadblocks that stop entrepreneurs from creating their Business Vision Board:

Roadblock in trees

Roadblock 1 – “I don’t have the time”

I get it.  Even with more conveniences and technology that should be giving us MORE free time, each year that goes by it seems we’re all more hurried, more overwhelmed and more stretched for time than ever. Making the time to get your Business Vision Board done is something that can actually end up giving you more time.


Because you will get crystal clear on what is important to you for your business. You will set clear, measurable, specific number goals for your business. If you set a target goal you are more likely to reach your goals than if you’re simply reacting on a daily basis in your business. Even if you don’t reach your target goal, you’ll strive harder, be more productive and get farther with your target goal identified and in sight.

One huge benefit that comes from creating my boards is focus. It helps me see where I’m getting a return on my investment of time and money so that I place more focused effort in those areas, rather than the things that are not showing a return.

Vision board

What to do instead:

Think of creating your Business Vision Board as important business development and planning tool. You’ll get clear on exactly where you want your business to be heading, and you’ll do it in a fun and relaxing way. It’s almost like you’re “tricking yourself” into doing some of the strategic planning and uncomfortable goal setting required to have a thriving business.

You have 2 options:

Immersion – Carve out about 90 minutes and do it! (The Workshop is about 90 minutes long)

Four Sessions – Your Business Vision Board is divided into 4 keys in your business. If you choose to get it done in shorter sessions, tackle one key at a time. Set aside 20-30 minutes for each key.  Schedule your 4 sessions over the next 2 weeks to get it completed.

creativity and power in business

Roadblock 2 – “I’m not creative.”

I hear this all the time. You don’t have to feel like a creative person at all to benefit from the laser-focused intentional power of your Business Vision Board. In fact, if you haven’t done anything creative since grade school, you’ll be surprised at the additional benefits of engaging in some simple creativity. It saddens me that so many people had creativity taken away from them in grade school when it’s such an incredible tool. The act of being creative, even in a simple way, allows you to practice being okay with taking risks and experiencing failure.

Let me share with you the definition of entrepreneur.


A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so.

If you want to be successful entrepreneur, you MUST get comfortable with taking risks, and you must get comfortable with failure.  I can hear you now… “Maritza, why in the world would I want to do anything that might make me feel like a failure!?!?!”

Failure vs success

In our society, we have been socialized, habituated and dare I say… brainwashed into seeing any kind of failure as a really, really, really bad thing.

Failure is not bad.

Failure is part of life.

Failure is the best teacher.

Failure is feedback.

Failure is an opportunity to pivot.

Failure is fertilizer for success.

Failure is required, it is not optional.

Failure is an essential part of being an entrepreneur.

Creativity allows you to become more brave when taking risks. Creativity strengthens your courage, resilience and problem-solving muscles.

Let me explain…

The BIGGEST ways that entrepreneurs hold themselves back are through perfectionism, procrastination and comparison. Why do entrepreneurs engage in perfectionism, procrastination and comparison? Because they are deathly afraid of taking risks and even more fearful of FAILURE. Being creative requires that you suspend self-judgement and become more comfortable screwing up and failing. Think about it. When you create something “artistic” you have a blank, empty slate.

So many things could go wrong! Where do you start? What colors to use? What marks to make? What if nothing goes right and I create something”ugly”? Yet nothing will go right unless and until you start creating. Creativity takes courage. Creativity requires trusting in yourself. Creativity is an incredible tool to help you process the emotions you go through in your business journey and to cultivate your risk taking courage.

Creative workshop

What to do instead:

Instead of being scared of dipping your toe into creativity, view it as an opportunity to be courageous and use the process to be more brave and courageous. If you’ve already joined the Business vision Board Workshop, follow along as I show you what to do step-by-step.

If you haven’t joined the workshop, you’ll discover some fun and easy techniques to tap into the creativity you already have (even if you haven’t doodled since grade school).  I love creating and updating my Business Vision Boards. They get me crystal-clear, laser-focused and courageous!



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