What’s Your Arena? – Heartwork Journaling

Courageous Heartworker, Where do you want to create new results in your life? Think of this as your arena. It’s where you will be tested. It’s where you’ll have to make an effort to think, feel and act in new ways. It’s where you will sometimes fail. It’s where you’ll be victorious at other times.…

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The Paradox of Change – Heartwork Journaling

The Paradox of Change

Changing Heartworker, I love self-help. Working on yourself is awesome. But not if it’s a punitive, mean way. Self-help is not fun when the goal is to “fix” brokenness. That can be hard, slogging-though-the-mud work. What if you’re not a problem that needs to be solved? That’s how I used to think of myself. One…

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What I Can Can Control Doodle Video


This time last year I put on my Divine Scientist hat on and did a “Belief Experiment” with practicing the belief that Everything is Sacred. ??? That Experiment helped me cultivate a new, deeper layer of self- love, mindfulness (in thought, emotion, action) and new simple ways to honor myself. Belief Experiments This year, I’m…

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Is it Procrastination or Pregnancy?

procrastination or pregnancy

Sometimes people mistake being pregnant with procrastinating. Oh, I should probably clarify..! Pregnant with an idea, project, book or new stage of life. Pregnant with your next creation. In this video, I share some of the ways I “midwife” myself through a creative pregnancy.   Procrastination is driven by fear. Creative Pregnancy is driven by…

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