Creative People – Beware of the Creativity Trap

Maritza and I work with a lot of incredibly creative people everyday in our business. All of them without exception have fallen into what is known as the “Creativity Trap” at one time or another. We’ve fallen into this trap more than a few times too. The end result is always a lot of frustration…

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What’s Your Big Why?

Your WHY is so incredibly important for making anything real in your life and business.

Having a big why, or a Big Carrot, to motivate and inspire you, is essential for maintaining the courage and consistency it takes to start or grow your own business.

Having a Big Stick is essential to “scare you” into doing the things you sometimes don’t feel like doing.

How does this work?

Holding your big why carrot and your big stick in front of you where you can see and feel them on a daily basis helps you cultivate courage and consistency. When you have them as daily reminders, you’re more likely to get out of your comfort zone and get over your fear.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a big enough why.

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How to Retire Wealthy at 27 with Austin G. Netzley

In this episode, Austin G. Netzley shares how he retired at 27 years old and some of the mindsets that helped him make that happen.

When Austin got into the “real world” as an engineer in corporate, he found himself in $81,000 in debt and miserable health. He actually had to call 911 several times because his health was so terrible.

He realized he needed to make a change and went about becoming healthy and learning to become an entrepreneur. He threw himself into the investing world and became so successful that he retired from corporate at the age of 27.

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Business Creativity & Joy with Laura West

In this episode, Laura West from the Center for Joyful Business shares how she overcame obstacles to become a creative business coach. She believes following your joy and listening to your intuition makes all the difference in your business.

Laura emerged from corporate to start her own coaching business and found success when she tapped into her intuition and creativity.

In addition to being a business coach focusing on unleashing other business owner’s creativity, she also does huge murals for conferences – live! In this image, she created a visual representation of one of my keynote speeches.

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