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There’s No Way To Happiness…Happiness IS The Way

Everyone wants to be happy. Most of us believe we must have certain things in order to be happy.

Whether it’s more money, more freedom, a vacation somewhere or a more prosperous career, we believe the having of these things will make us more happy.

My experience has shown me time and time again that this type of thinking is backwards.

I never achieve what I want when I focus on the having of something in order to be happy.

There is no way to happiness…

Happiness IS the way.

You may be saying, “Okay, that sounds interesting, but what the heck does that mean?”

Simply stated when we focus having things to make us happy, we rarely achieve them.

However when we focus on the happiness we already have in our lives more happy things will come.

What You Focus On Determines Your Experience

What you focus on and think about will bring more experiences in your life that resemble the feelings you have when you think about that thing.

mindset bubble

The difficulty is most of us want things to be different than what we’re experiencing.

So we have to look somewhere other than directly at the thing or experience we want in order to allow those new experiences to come to us.

You can’t look directly at the thing you want and are struggling to achieve and try to create a positive vibration or thought around that thing.

The thing we want to have is usually surrounded by unhappy feelings of doubt and conflicting feelings of uncertainty about how we’re going to make this thing we want a reality.

So when we look directly at this thing we want but don’t have, we generate thoughts, emotions and a vibration of doubt, worry and uncertainty.

Because of the power of the Law of Attraction, we get more experiences in our lives that resemble these contrasting feelings instead of what we really want.

So the key to having different experiences is to think and feel differently.

Looking directly at the thing you want and trying to think only about how the having of this thing will feel is too hard and rarely works. It’s much easier to accomplish our goal another way.

Goal post it


There’s An Easier Way

We know the only reason we want this thing is because we believe in the having of it we’ll feel happier.

Knowing this we can shift our thoughts from the specific thing we want and focus on just the emotion of happiness.

When we’re feeling happy and emitting a vibration of happiness more happy things will easily come into our lives as a result.

Chose easier more simple things to focus on that you feel happy about already.

You can chose anything in your life that makes you feel happy to attract more things that bring happy experiences to you.

Make it is simple – but genuine and real as possible.

For instance some of the simple, good feeling things I think about that make me feel happiness are:

* Huckleberry Ice Cream – how awesome it tastes, how I smile and feel great when I eat it

* My niece and nephew’s smiles – how wonderful they are and how much I love them

* The smell of pine needles in the sun – and how great it was to be riding my 4 wheeler in the Rocky Mountains on a sunny day down a trail covered with pine needles and that wonderful smell.

Joyful woman in snow

I just automatically feel great thinking about these things.

As a result I am emitting a vibration of happiness, joy and love. And the Law of Attraction can’t help but to bring me more things that feel exactly the same way.

The Universe knows what you want. It may bring you exactly the thing you’ve been asking for, or it may bring you something even better.

Our “work” is to just feel good and ALLOW the universe to do it’s work.

Don’t worry about the how or the what. Just relax, feel good and enjoy and appreciate what you have right now.

More awesome things will come.

Your only task is to feel happy.

Say this to yourself first thing in the morning and several times during the day, “Nothing is more important than I FEEL HAPPY!”

Create a list of simple things you love that just feel awesome. Things that have no conflicting thoughts or feelings of any kind.  Then think about them. FEEL them.

At this point you may be doubting it can be this easy.

Let me ask you a question. Why should being happy and having the things you want be hard?

Try it and you’ll see just how easy it is.

There’s no way to happiness.

Happiness IS the way.

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