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How to Retire Wealthy at 27 with Austin G. Netzley

In this episode, Austin G. Netzley shares how he retired at 27 years old and some of the mindsets that helped him make that happen.

When Austin got into the “real world” as an engineer in corporate, he found himself in $81,000 in debt and miserable health. He actually had to call 911 several times because his health was so terrible.

He realized he needed to make a change and went about becoming healthy and learning to become an entrepreneur. He threw himself into the investing world and became so successful that he retired from corporate at the age of 27.

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How to Believe in Miracles for Your Business

einstein miracle year

Ever felt like absolutely nothing is happening in your business? Like the effort you’re expending is not equal to the results you’re getting? I’ve experienced this over and over in all my businesses and it’s usually when most people stop.

Lately, I’ve been watching documentaries and reading about people who’ve done big things in different arenas, despite the odds. I’m using it to strengthen my mindset and keep focused on the big things I’m creating in my different businesses.

I love the story of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”.

It was 1905. He was becoming a big failure fast.

His father died believing his son wasn’t going to amount to much. He hadn’t been able to get his son Albert a job.

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Are You a Hypothetical Entrepreneur? Play in new window | Download Are you a hypothetical entrepreneur? Hypothetical is something that exists as a possibility, an unproven idea or theory. I connect with a lot of people who want to start or grow their businesses staying FAR too long in the role of hypothetical entrepreneur. The fact is you won’t…

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Your Limiting Beliefs – 3 Ways to Stop Making Excuses in Your #Business Play in new window | Download Have you ever discounted another entrepreneur’s achievements or blessings? Ever said or thought: “Wow what you’re doing is so cool, I wish I could do that.” When what you’re really thinking is, “Well, that might work for HER, but that wouldn’t work for me because of X…” Everyone…

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30 Days of LOA – Are you scared of asking for the sale? 3 tips to start selling now. Play in new window | Download Sometimes when people start their online business, they find that one of the biggest obstacles to making sales is actually asking for the sale. I recently got another great listener question from Samantha…Hi Maritza, I’ve been following you for a while and I want to know some ways…

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