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Using the Law of Attraction Mantra “Ask, Believe, Receive” in Your Business

In this episode of the Easy Online Marketing podcast, I take one of the biggest sayings of Law of Attraction and apply it to starting and growing your business. I love remembering that the Law of Attraction can indeed be powerful in your life, and it’s got a little hidden word “ACTION”. You can’t just daydream and meditate on success. But, what happens when you feel like you’ve been working and striving and success still doesn’t seem to be coming?

THAT is the moment to remember these 3 steps that I’ll illustrate through the metaphor of growing your garden:

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[Motivation] Think & Grow Rich: Imagination

With a clear, detailed desire backed up by faith, positive self talk, and armed with your own specialized knowledge, you can now make the most of the fifth universal success principle: imagination. You have been imagining scenarios since you were a child; now you have the opportunity to use it to get the life you…

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