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Story of Heartwork Journaling – Doodle Video Tutorial part 2

heartwork journaling soothes your soul

Here’s part 2 of the story of Heartwork Journaling and the birth of the Heartwork Journaling book. If you have something you’ve been wanting to share with the world but you’ve felt shy, uncomfortable or unsure, share anyway. Last week I shared a video that really propelled me to start sharing Heartwork Journaling with the…

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Livestreaming Ideas & Topics

Today I want to help nudge you to livestream for your business. Here’s a list that will help you when you think “I don’t know what to say?” or “what if I run out of ideas?” First, it’s important to know your audience. Who are you speaking to? This will help inform your content. Remember…

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Livestream Tip #3 – Tools to Livestream

livestream 2 camera setup

For the 3rd chapter in this series about livestreaming, I want to give you some of my favorite tools for livestreaming on Facebook and / or Instagram. (Note: some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase something through them, I’ll buy a cool new crayon color! Or actually, maybe half…

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