Livestreaming Ideas & Topics

Today I want to help nudge you to livestream for your business. Here’s a list that will help you when you think “I don’t know what to say?” or “what if I run out of ideas?” First, it’s important to know your audience. Who are you speaking to? This will help inform your content. Remember…

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Equinox and the full moon – new courageous beginnings

Today is the equinox. The equinox represents half light and half dark (daylight and night) 🌓 I’ve been thinking a lot about light and shadow, day and night, struggle and flow, pain and pleasure, endings and beginnings. . We kinda can’t fully have one without the other. As I reflect on what Heartwork Journaling has added…

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How livestreams grow your business – tip # 1

livestreaming tip 1

How livestreams grow your business – Livestream Tip #1 Last year, I decided to start livestreaming. However, I didn’t really want to do the “selfie video” type livestreaming. (I do enjoy those now too for different purposes than what I’m talking about in this post.) After a TON of time researching, paying for consultations, emailing…

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