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Globe Angel Lesson – Circumstances Happen. Now What?

Here’s a lesson from the beginning of the pandemic that feels relevant almost one year later, as we’re all still navigating the pandemic –  and for those affected by the recent snowstorms.


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Circumstances happen.

Circumstances include things like:

  • the pandemic
  • your past failures, your past success
  • past abuse
  • a diagnosis
  • weather events

Circumstances are most often things we cannot control. 

Many times, circumstances suck and you choose – on purpose – to feel bad about those circumstances.

But you can STILL control your reaction and response to any given circumstance.

Responsibility is your ability to respond to whatever circumstances present.

That is ALWAYS under your control.

Even when it might feel that it’s not.

I love asking myself:

“Given this set of circumstances, how do I want to respond?”

“Given these circumstances, who do I want to be?”

“Given this circumstance, how can I create the more of the results I want?”

We’ve experienced some amazing moments with neighbors and our community through the difficulties in Texas. 

What I know for sure is that people are good.

People help each other and look out for each other – no matter the circumstances.

If you’re called to help and can, consider donating to  the SA Food Bank or use google to find a food bank in your area.

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