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Heartwork Journaling Prompts: How to Make Worry Useful.

Have you noticed the things we most worry about usually never happen?

I used to worry about soooo many things.

Worry causes mental, emotional and physical distress.

I decided to apply what my Grandfather used to say:

If a problem can be solved, why worry?
If a problem cannot be solved, why worry?

How do you turn a simple truth into something you can actually use?

The power of emotions & questions.


If a problem CAN be solved…

Tap into emotions like practical, efficient, brave, curious or resourceful.


Transform Worry Journal Prompts I

Ask yourself:

  • Where can I begin to solve this?
  • Can I grow my self-confidence, bravery and capability by taking the first step to solving it?
  • Where can I take ownership of resolving this?
  • How will I feel after I’ve taken the first step to a solution?
  • Is it possible taking the first step will reveal the path to resolve this?
  • Is this my problem to resolve or am I robbing another person of the growth that is here for them?

If a problem CANNOT be solved…

Tap into emotions like acceptance, compassion, grief, curiosity, peace or understanding.

Transform Worry Journal Prompts II

Ask yourself:

  • How can I begin to accept this?
  • Where can I take care of myself during this time?
  • Can I just be with the reality of what is, even if I don’t like or want it?
  • Is there anything here for me to learn about myself?
  • Is it possible I’m going through a part of life that’s just hard right now?


It can take some time to turn worry into something helpful, especially if you’ve been a chronic worrier.

That’s OK. 


Important things are worth the effort.

Your mind, heart AND physical body will thank you for it.

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