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5 Reasons Why Social Networking is a Parent’s Best Friend

Social networking is my husband Jeff’s best friend. He feels like a super sleuth and as if he has a doorway into his sons private world. And with social networking, he does! It’s only this recent generation of children who’ve really grown up with this. We certainly didn’t have anything like Instant Messaging, texting, Facebook…

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Product Creation Advice – The Email Overload Experiment

Are you in Email Overload? You know what I mean… spending a couple of hours a day wading through your inbox, trying to get through to the important emails and finding yourself going down all kinds of “rabbit holes”, finding time ticking away that should have been focused on other things, like product creation, answering…

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Twitter & Facebook Mistakes (& What to Do Instead)

This is a great article from Jeff Herring: We all make mistakes in our marketing. It’s a big club and the only requirement for membership is to be have a business online. At the same time, it’s seem easier to make mistakes in Social Marketing than in other forms of marketing. I think this is…

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