[Video] Freedom from the Opinion of Other People

creative exercise

What’s stopping you from really going big? Do you sometimes stop yourself from doing things because of what other people might say or think? Recently a private client was at our place in Texas working on her business. Her content is incredible and she’d make a great TED speaker. For some reason, she’s been dragged…

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Are You A Speaker Or Want To Be A Speaker?

Ay chihuahua! This January I’ve been invited to speak for the National Speakers Association in Phoenix… There’s an amazing lineup of speakers at this learning lab event (yes, you’ll actually learn while at the event!) If you want to speak (or would like to add a speaking component to your business), you should definitely check…

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[VIDEO] Your Entrepreneurial Intuition & Riding Accidents?

Are you listening to your entrepreneurial intuition? The other day I had a really scary experience with one of my horses – a riding accident – which I haven’t had in years. I was thrown over my horse’s head and planted head and shoulder first into the sand of my riding arena. Thankfully, I got…

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