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2017 Heartwork Journal Flipthrough Video

heartwork journaling video flipthrough 2017

I CANNOT believe it’s almost 2018! I wanted to show you what one of my Heartwork Journals actually looks like on the inside. Failure is Fertilizer. After taping the video flipthrough, I realized that this is not one of my “prettiest” journals. And that is actually PERFECT and illustrates Heartwork Journaling Guideline #1 “Failure is…

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No More Hiding – It’s Time to Take Off the Mask & Be You

remove the mask you're hiding behind

It can feel so hard to reveal the TRUE YOU in our world. Especially online. It’s so easy for people to criticize, naysay and hide behind snark. As a business coach, I’ve listened over and over again to INCREDIBLE women who are scared to be their wonderfully imperfect selves online. I’ve been there many times…

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What Is Heartwork Journaling?

heartwork art journaling

I’ve been using art journaling for years to make myself feel better and to gain inner peace and strength. When I first started I didn’t know how what I was doing worked or why; or that it had a name. I just knew every time I sat down with my art supplies and allowed myself…

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There’s No Way To Happiness…Happiness IS The Way

Sunset arms wide

Everyone wants to be happy. Most of us believe we must have certain things in order to be happy. Whether it’s more money, more freedom, a vacation somewhere or a more prosperous career, we believe the having of these things will make us more happy. My experience has shown me time and time again that…

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