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How the emotion of hate works.

A few days ago I saw an old friend.

She was telling me that she HATES some people right now.

(The ones who don’t agree with her politically). 🤬


She was REALLY feeling the hate.

When we hate other people, we incorrectly think that we’re somehow punishing those people who are the object of our hate.

But we’re not.

Instead we are filling OUR bodies, minds, hearts, souls with hate (or judgement or disdain, etc.)


This video shows EXACTLY how this works.

I love that the act of coloring in the doodle-body SHOWS who is actually embodying the emotion.

[s3mm type=”video” s3bucket=”maritza-blog” files=”LCS-relationships.mp4″ /]


Based on the video, when you have hate-filled thoughts about ANYONE, who gets filled with hate?


The thought thinker, NOT the thought subject.

Of course, we want to:
👉  disagree with people without getting to rage
👉  try to understand their fear / desires
👉  have productive discourse with people
👉  take actions towards creating the change we wish to see, etc.

That won’t happen by filling yourself with the emotion of hate. 🤬

You can choose to keep the hate if you want to, but know that you’re bathing your being in that emotion.