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Are you drinking more than you want to? – Heartwork Journaling


How are you handling your stress?

According to a RAND Corporation study, women have increased their heavy drinking days by 41% compared to before the pandemic.

Are you drinking more than you want to?

You may have noticed the very thing you’re doing to try to relieve stress causes more of it.

Drinking to relieve your stress leads to a cycle that can be difficult to break.

My husband, Joe Vilardo, has been right where you are, and he knows exactly how to help you free yourself from this cycle permanently.

After a lifetime of looking for a way to take back control, he found the answer that changed everything.

Now he doesn’t WANT to drink.

The crazy thing is that this transition was easy and effortless.

Drinking Your Problems Away

Because he went to the CAUSE of the drinking.

His mission is to share what he’s learned and help as many people as possible take a break from drinking and take back control of their lives, just as he has.

Joe has put together a free video series that details exactly what you need to do to take a break from drinking and take back control of your life right now.

Go here to get the free 7-Day Challenge.

Take back your power and control.

Take back your life.

It’s soooo much easier than you think.

Joe’s here to help.

You can do it.

Sign up now.

With love and appreciation,


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